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About wedding dress


Choice in wedding photography new dress, be sure to consider the 24 questions: 1. The bride has several sets of modeling pictures? Were several groups of dress? Styles have rules? There are a few pictures form the bride? Be no additional charge? Please fill without providing dress? Be no additional charge? 2. Bridegroom camera a few group of modeling?

Were several groups of dress? Styles have rules? There are several pictures shape and groom? Be no additional charge?cheap wedding dresses 3. Whether the location of the dress requirements? Can put together all of the dress it? 4. The bride and groom set, there are several sets of wedding dress? Whether the same sets? Models have several sets of suits? Do you want to rent another? How much additional cost of rent increase? 5. Camera, set the wedding dress is a region option? Be no additional charge? Can you first try? Dress by consumers to select their own camera, just pick satisfaction.

Although the wedding is the existence of the world since ancient times the ceremony, but the bride wedding gown at the wedding but not to 200 years of history. In the West, trailing the hem of the bride wore a dress was originally a Catholic ceremony of the factory Since ancient times in some European countries are theocratic state system, people get married have to go to church for the priest or pastor of prayer and blessing, this can be considered formal legal marriage, so the bride put on the ceremony to express our sincere service to God and purity. But in the 19th century, when the girls married the bride dresses worn, and there is no uniform color specifications.

Until 1840, the British Queen Victoria at the wedding in an elegant white wedding dress white show, as well as the bride of the royal family and high society have to follow, the white wedding dress began to become the preferred color. Symbolizes the bride's beauty and holiness. Now, the white wedding dress is already the most important part of culture, no country,south sea pearl apart from preserving their own wedding dress of the nation, more and more couples choose white dress. In addition, in the West, the bride wedding dress will be carefully saved heritage to future generations, so holy a beautiful collection of wedding and love the heritage.

6. Set, multiple selection of wedding dresses can be selected to see if a more suitable dress styles, can change things? Dress-for-money is to cost? First set to a predetermined number of first wedding dress it down 7. Set, wedding dress a few days ago to pick? How long ago recognized? 8. Pictures and booking, wedding dress if you want to Fuqing Jie fees and charges change? Dress whether the costs of cleaning companies pay by the wedding, the couple need not responsible for cleaning women shoes9. The availability of flower girl clothes, bridesmaid dress? Be no additional charge? 10. Dress changes in the set, before marriage to be completed? Do not pay extra fees to change?

11. Set wedding dress when the desirable one? When is the return? Accessories such as gloves, such as what color car to be returned? 12. As a result of operation of the mistakenly leaving out the chosen pieces can not dress the same day, the company do?wholesale cheap fashion jewellery  13. If selected before the dress was stained in the pick-up, wedding company do? 14. If the next set after the election less than satisfied with the dress, wedding dress company do? 15. Dress some of the additional fare increases? (Designer / new clothes / dress cleaning fee), under what circumstances would raise the fees? How much increase?