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application condition

The incorporated company establishes an application condition

Apply for a condition:

1, the incorporated company should have more than 5 people as sponsor, among them, the beard has more than one half of the sponsor have a residence in China;

2, the stateowned business enterprise changes set up for the incorporated company of, sponsor can less than 5 people, but should adopt to collect to establish a way;

3, the incorporated company register the capital lowest quota as 10,000,000 dollars;Company Formation

4, have the company the name, built up to match 《company law 》the organization organization of request;

5, have fixed of the production conduct place and necessity of production management condition;

6, after section or the province class people government approval of authorization in State Department.

Apply for material:

1, the Legal Representative of the company sign of 《the company establish to register written application 》

2, the shareholder copy a piece to authorization letter and agent ID card of agent

3, the business enterprise name in advance approve notification

4, section or the province class people's government of State Department authorization criticize a text

The joint-stock company that collects to establish should also hand in a criticizing of stock certificate management section in State Department text

5, the legal person shareholder submits of appoint a personnel to take part in an appointing of shareholder's meeting book(the cover legal person shareholder Company's seal) and is appointed person's ID card to copy a piece

6, the shareholder qualifications prove

The legal person shareholder hands in the business enterprise legal person business license, business legal person certificate, juridical association to register a copying of certificate piece.(add cover Company's seal)The natural person shareholder hands in ID card to copy a piece;

The legal person shareholder is limited liability company or incorporated company to need to be filled in 《company outward the investment tell a commitment book 》.

7, two article of associations

The legal person shareholder stamps, the natural person shareholder signs, presses fingerprint

8, foundation general assembly Ji want

The representative whom the legal person shareholder appoints and natural person shareholder signs and press the fingerprint

9, shareholder's meeting Ji want

Arrive meeting the personnel sign and press the fingerprint

10, board of directors Ji want

The board director signs, presses fingerprint

11, supervisor meeting Ji want

Supervisor signing, press the fingerprint

12, the president(Legal Representative) work book and manager to appoint book, supervisor to work a book

The president(Legal Representative) works book and manager to appoint a book(from board director's signing, press the fingerprint), the supervisor works a book(the representative who is appointed by the legal person shareholder and natural person shareholder signing, press the fingerprint)

13, prepare to host the finance of incorporated company expenses to audit a report

14, have checking of legal qualifications to support organization to submit of check a property report

On the 90th inside effective

15, place permit or examination and approval document that the beard of admitting the item hands in a related section before involving in the management scope company establishes to need what

16, rent building agreement or produce a power certificate to copy a piece

17, should hand in according to the law, laws of material