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benefit how much

The tax rate is first degree to descend to benefit how much
Tax that fully is paid attention to by everyone advertises for to order finally boot to fall to the ground.On June 27, personal income tax law revision bill drafted plan of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress two reviews, maintain a to review the wages, salary income in draft deducts expenses standard, then rise advertise for 3000 dollars of ordering every month constant.

This time tax law drafted plan two review a draft to have important one to adjust, will soon the tax tax rate is first degree from a review 5% of draft rules to decline to 3%.Look like two very small percentage points, but enlarged to the strength for tax reduction for crowd for low income for more for 70% for in for taxpayer for income for salary for work,pearl jewellery further lower compare low income crowd tax negative.
This time tax advertises for a point to raise each income community how feel?This report survey covered a few work salaries of Hang cities clan and Gao Guan, understand an intravenous drop variety that the tax law correction brings.

Monthly salary 2000~3000 dollars

Tax-free is few but most sensitive

On June 27, the beard small light in going off work of bus, hear a tax the news that advertises for to order to raise.

Beard small simply working at a sale company in Hangzhou and going into to go for two years monthly base wage 3000, the results wages of the last month is 950 dollars and plus total 4134 dollars of dining subsidy and subtract an agency to protect and the provident fund is each 300 diverse, actual wages is 3453 dollars, tax in nowadays' advertising for a point is 2000 dollars and button up a tax 120.3 dollars.

"The base wage fixs monthly, the results wages differs range at 100 dollars in, button up monthly of tax also 120 dollars top and bottom."The beard small light says that rent a house to add various transportation expense, month expense 2000 many, before can also before saving several 100 dollarses, the commodity price is so high now, a wages of month remains only a few, become be worthy of the name of"moonlight clan".

If tax advertises for a point to raise to 3000 dollars, a class tax rate modify to°from 5% 3%, "equal to hand over that every month 10 diverse."The beard small light soon calculated once, from the tax in save 100 diverse.

Be like a beard small light like this just took part in a work soon of university student not at minority, therefore which afraid only is count not much several 10 dollarses, said for them also very impressionable.

As follows say in the low income in 2000 dollars to those on the prowls, this is also a good news.Li Ya3 Juan does attendant in the Xiao mountain a restaurant, the boss wraps to eat, wrap up, and the monthly salary is 1800 dollars.In reason pressing is current of pay personal income tax, she is to be stained with not ascend side."Talk to process a property with boss recently, probably also change employment, originally also thought above 2000 dollars want to hand over a tax, a year get 1200."Li Ya3 Juan says that tax advertises for a point to raise to 3000 dollars and at least makes her cancel this worry.

Zhejiang releases lately lowest wages in April, this year standard, monthly 1310 dollars, the wages of each work salary stratum is continuously rising annually.BE lower than the crowd of 2000 dollars to the monthly salary to say, tax's advertising for a point to raise doesn't bring them a vested benefits, but opens a spaces for their promoting of future income.

Monthly salary 561000

The wages rose, the tax didn't necessarily increase

Up is old, descend is little, the house has been already pressed the Jie and go into 561000 to the month of medium etc. income community to say,discount women shoesfor tax adjust of the felling Be getting more really some.

Six quick, male, the age is 40+ and be head of department at a private enterprise.Before this, he is a technique worker in the factory and get hold of 4000 dollars(deduct three before the tax insurance one gold after) monthly, by dint of own effort, this year his wages and post also ship rises with the tide, the month wages has already arrived 5000 dollars.(before the tax)

The time that rises wages very happy, but in a little while, he discovers that his personal income tax on the ticket has variety.

The wages of 4000 dollars, pay the tax dues of 175 dollars, but the wages of 5000 dollars wants to pay the tax dues of 325 dollars.The wages rose just quarter, but the tax dues rose about 1 times.Afterwards asked unit finance to just know, his wages quantity already from the applying of nation rules exceed progressive taxation rate of second degree jump x-rated do not, the tax rate raises 15% from 10%.

Now, according to tax law revision bill drafted plan, tax advertises for a point to raise to 3000 dollars, is very likely to let six quick again return to 10% tax rates.Compute formula according to the tax:Pay a tax=the whole month should pay tax the income sum × tax rate-soon deduct a number on the whole, he from now on the tax dues paid by wages for(6000-3000) × 10%-105= is 295 dollars.Words like this, mean to can not only enjoy the pay raise of 1000 dollars in every month, connect a tax but also hand over 30 dollars less.

The month goes into 20,000

Every month pays 20 more

Wang Xiao Jie is the sale manager of the Xiao mountain a medical treatment apparatus company, the actual wages(deduct three insurance one gold) is about 20000 dollars(before the tax).

According to current tax policy, Wang Xiao Jie's wages wants to pay personal or so income tax of 3225 dollars monthly, physically could not come to hand 18000 dollars and plus the tax of year-end prize and comes down he/she to hand over above 40,000 dollars the tax is for a year.

Advertise for a point to raise to 3000 dollars to this time tax, she has no felling.When tax advertises for to order to 3000 dollars, the class is bad to equally change with tax rate of under the circumstance, her should pay a tax as ×(20000-3000)25%-1005=3245 dollars, both the discrepancy want to hand over 20 more monthly.

Make the high income much paid tax

Ask:Don't need to advertise for a sum to settle to 3000 dollars whether accommodation?According to what consider?

National tax administration bureau related representative director:According to nation statistics bureau statistics, in the Year 2010's our country town the residents person all consume sex to expend to 1123 dollars|month, press on the average each one employment bear 1.93 people to compute, town employment the person all bear of the consumption expend to 2167 dollars|month.Press the town employment in 2011 the person all bears of consumption expenditure on the average increase 10% to measure calculate, town employment the person all bear of the month consume the expenditure as about 2384 dollars.The drafted plan plans to deduct the expenses standard raises to 3000 dollars|month, since considered current residents consumption expenditure circumstance, also considered several year the residents consumption will expend from now on of growth circumstance.After adjusting, the work salary income taxpayer has all specific weight of the work salary income crowds and descend to°from current 28% 12% or so.

Ask:Does this reform embody the principle of "the high income much pays tax"?

National tax administration bureau related representative director:Canceled 15% and 40% two file tax rates in the drafted plan, extended applying of 5% and 10% two low file tax rateses scope.After adjusting, should pay tax the specific weight that the taxpayer that the income sum applies below 10% tax rate shares the work salary income taxpayer, attain 94%,Patch cord manufacturer apply 5% revenue from taxes burden that the specific weight that the taxpayers that the specific weight of tax rates is about 70% and compare to apply below 10% tax rate according to current 9 class tax rateses has increased 17 percentage points and eased further to gain taxpayer in the low work salary among them.The drafted plan still extended the tallest tax rate 45% overlay scopes and enlarged to the strength for regulating of high income.