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Blue precious stone

Blue precious stone and the contact of the ruby

Blue precious stone(Sapphire) discount fashion jewelleryand ruby is with each other sister precious stones, they all belong to just a jade mineral, is in addition to the diamond hanged to fall to on the earth outside the blue precious stoneled grow lights

The hardest natural mineral,
golden south sea pearl basic chemistry compositions all for oxidize aluminum.In addition to starlight effect, only translucent or transparent and the color is gorgeously fresh just the jade then can call to do a precious stone.The red also contains a chrome chemical element of the jade just assumed red to adjust, past was called ruby;The blue precious stone(Sapphire) in blue then because of implying little titanium and iron chemical element.In fact, in addition to red just jade precious stone, Pearl Jewelryall other tones the jade just was known together as a blue precious stone on the business

(Sapphire).So, the blue precious stone(Sapphire) isn't an only blue of just jade precious stone, it in addition to owning was complete of blue series, the yellow, pink and orange orange and purple etc. also had to spend a setting sun sort like the smoke, these were colorful the blue precious stone(Sapphire) fastenning is known together as as colorful and blue precious stone(Sapphire).led lighting design