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Light fruit


The main function of packaging is twofold: One is the protection of products; second, beautification and promotional products.

The basic task of packaging design is a scientific British DesignBridge packaging design, the economic modeling done product packaging,Tin Boxes construction and interior design.

(1) packaging design packaging design, also known as shape design, most of them refers to the shape of containers.

It is the use of aesthetic principles, by shape, color and other factors change, will have the functionality and appearance of the beauty packaging containers modeling, visual forms. Containers must be able to reliably protect the product, must have good appearance, the need to adapt to the economy has other.

(2) packaging design packaging design is from the protective packaging, convenience, reusability and other basic functions and the actual production conditions, the paper packaging based on scientific principles of external and internal structures derived from the specific design considerations. A good design should be to effectively protect the function of primary commodities;cheap wedding dress Secondly, we should consider using, carrying, display, shipment and other convenience; also considered to reuse as much as possible, and so can display the contents.
  (3) packaging design packaging design is the design, text, color, relief and other art forms, highlighting the product's features and image, and strive to form compact, novel designs, bright colors, clear text, decorative and landscaping products to promote product sales. Packaging and decoration is a comprehensive science, is both a practical art, but also an engineering and technology, arts and crafts and the combination of engineering and to consider the marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines.

A good package design, packaging design, structural design, decoration design of the three organic unity, the only way to fully play the role of packaging design. Moreover, the packaging design not only to the technical and artistic these two academic fields, it also involves many in their respective areas of other related disciplines, therefore, to get a good package design is the need for some hard work under the.

In addition to the light transmittance properties do not lead to food deterioration reactions aside, can also cause protein and amino acid changes. And vitamin C are easier to light exposure and the role of other food ingredients, resulting in great loss. According to the research analysis, transparent glass bottles of milk, the loss of vitamin C than milk, bottled dark high 14 times, the light also causes oxidative odor of milk, as well as radionuclides, methionine, cracking, loss of nutritional value, etc., opaque tin cans make the preservation of vitamin C was the highest.

Good sealing packaging containers for air and other volatile gas barrier property of the nutritional and sensory quality of preservation is very important. Comparison of various fruit juices proof containers, container oxygen transmission rate directly affect the browning of fruit juices and vitamin C preservation; low rate of oxygen through the metal cans, glass bottles and plastic laminated aluminum foil, paper on the preservation of vitamin C well, among which the best cans.Mobile Lottery Reduction of tin tin tin wall with filling in the container when the residual oxygen, reducing the chance of food ingredients to be oxidized.

Reduction of tin on the light fruit, fruit juice has a good flavor and color preservation effect, and therefore do not use canned fruit juice cans painted iron than other packaging materials juice cans filled with nutrients stored better and brown slightly changed, acceptance of good flavor quality, storage period was extended.