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born of pile broken

Coriolus fruiting annual. Leathery to half fiber, lateral sessile, usually imbricate stack, often so connected, born of pile broken

Versicolor surface or wood on the fruiting body often surrounded the rosette. Yunzhi pspThe semicircular to shell, (1-6) cm (1-10) cm,1-3mm thick cover surface when young;

white, gradient for dark, with dense small villi, unequal, gray, white, brown, blue, purple, black and other colors, and form a cloud striated concentric ring pattern the lid margin; Bo Errui, undulate, integrity, light. Pipe surface early white, fade to brown, red brown to grayish black;

Nozzle round-to-polygonal, each1mm3-5, later cracking, strain tube single, white, long 1-2mm. Mushroom white meat, fiber, dry fiber to almost leathery. Spore cylindric, slightly curved,PC remoteflat, colorless, (1.5-2) m x (2-5) ~ M.

Toxicity and adverse reactions: polysaccharide-peptide ( PSP ) mouse peritoneal median lethal dose was 300.36mg / kg, with maximum tolerance dose was 20g / kg, can not see the mice died, the minimum lethal dose of MLD > 20g / kg.

Oral administration to rats ( PSK1.5g / kg for clinical dose 130 times ), for 60 consecutive days,20 rats without a death, showed no long-term toxicity of oral drugs. The experimental results show that PSK is a very low toxicity of the substance, windsor healthbut also has no mutagenic effect