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Chinese culture to Korea

Sliding door originated in China, the Chinese culture to Korea, japan. The specific time of Wucongkaozheng, operable wallbut from some Chinese paintings seen scattered sliding doors, such as landscape painting of the Song Dynasty, there are sliding doors.

Map of the song" Ying-tsao Fa-shih" documented in the lattice door.

The initial push and pull the door only for bedroom or Gengyijian wardrobe sliding doors, but with the development of technology and the diversification of means of decoration, from the traditional to the plate surface, glass, cloth, rattan, aluminum alloy profile, from the sliding doors, folding door to door, sliding door functions and the use range is expanding ceaselessly.

In this case, Isabella sliding door became varied and rich use. In addition to the most common partition door, sliding door widely used in cabinets, closet, living room, exhibition hall, sliding door and other.

Whether square metres of bathrooms, or irregular storage compartment, as long as the replaced Isabella with sliding doors, and small space will not be wasted, folding sliding door even 100% open,
operable partitiondo not occupy a space division.From the use of point of view, the sliding door is greatly convenient living space partition and use, its reasonable push-pull design to meet the modern life of exquisite compact order and rhythm. From the interest, sliding glass doors make room appear more lightweight, wherein the segmentation, cover and so on are so simple and yet change.

In advocating natural today, on the balcony position can be loaded on a smooth quiet, bright sliding doors, company formationenjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery.