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collapse next year

Will the domestic have 70% LEDs the company the collapse next year???
In amateur's eyes, this headline is very terrible.If you are a profession personage of LED, should can't feel surprised.

Underneath I am slowly analytical

See foreground first

As the new generation light source that the world is focused attention most currently, LED because of its Gao Liang Du, low calories, longevity life, environmental protection, can be recycled etc. the advantage is called to have the green lighting light source of development foreground most in 21th century and get strongly propping up of zheng fu in all countries in the whole world and development and gets a fast fierce development more for the last few years.

In recent years, in the world some economic flourishing nation around developing of LED launched the technique contested of the vehemence.The United States has invested "the national semi-conductor illuminates a plan" of the USD 500,000,000 implementation since 2000,LED Ceiling Light the EU also declares to initiate similar"rainbow plan" in July, 2000.Our country science and technology department under support that"863" plan, the first time puts forward to develop semi-conductor lighting in June, 2003 plan, develop LED the lighting become the focus of global industry.

In 2009 nation pedestal economy energy illuminate product of zheng fu subsidy policy, encouragement usage and production economy energy type of lighting product, start national related LED illuminating standard to also want a successive this year set, this illuminated a market to rise good norm and instruction towards promoting with affirming domestic and guided LED to illuminate industry health development, is Chinese future LED spot lightLED illuminate the industry will get into the zheng fu supports strongly, business enterprise each the important stage that show magical power.

The prospect one is bright?Should be a good profession?

Immediately after see a technique:

After the last few years of development, our country already formation from original material, outside postpone growth, chip manufacturing, arrive a spare part to pack, application product and kit etc. more perfect LED industry chain, the related business enterprise has already come to a more than 2000 houses.In these business enterprises, apply an exceeding of product and kit 70%."Hence, the LED product of our country applies in the world to lead and involve city street lamp, tunnel light and cure to use lighting and show to hold etc. is several realms."

However, the back in this kind aureole, but is some kind of prospectses that make the person worry:A report that province intelligent property right bureau in Guangdong and province information industry hall in Guangdong unite to release suggests that LEDs of the United States, Japan and Europe business enterprise, own the chip core technique patent of LED of above 80%, but the local same kind business enterprise own of the same kind patent not enough 10%.

In order to lacking the forest the chip technique of core, our country LED the chip of the business enterprise widespreadly importing abroad.Foreign well-known LED the product of the chip business enterprise, approach 100% in the share of local market!

According to understanding, the LED industry chain mainly includes chip development production and outside postpones a slice of growth, the LED packs and LED apply etc..Front both belong to the upper stream industry, the profits takes up 70% of the whole LED industry around;Empress both belong to respectively medium swim industry and downstream industry, the profits is very low.Obviously, the business enterprise of our country mostly concentrated at LED the medium downstream of the industry chain, upper stream industry the strength then is small and weak.

As the newly arisen profession that a nation strongly props up, the core technique isn't in the domestic, imaginable, various companies basic station at same rise run on-line.Everyone has no technique, all is depend foreign import chip, hence who can move forward this threshold.The Chinese rich is a lot of, rich have no the person of place investment also a lot of, hence result in LED the profession upsurge of the condition can hardly be avoided.

China has currently how many LEDs company?Remember I once saw such a words on 100 degrees:Half of national companies are all doing LED.

This sentence a little bit makes to smile or talks idly.But, equal image tunnel LED many company number.And is spread to other cities by Guangdong, river the Zhe Hu went without saying, northeast, LED flood lightShandong, Sichuan, weigh to celebrate, Hunan, the etc. ground in Shaanxi also continuously establishes not a few LED companies.

So currently how the profits circumstance of that profession is?The market demands is enlarging, why are numerous companies hard to exist?

In October, according to a friend's reflection that does light bead, first half year of and compare now, the profits lowered 80%, sometimes the cost control not very basic don't earn a few money.

I understand when yesterday and a boss who does LED to show to hold chats and have already had a lot of companies to prop up in the bitterness bitterness currently.Even some companies have been already withdrawn or intend to withdraw to show to hold a price war."The prices in everyday are changing and have customer to say every day:The X X Jia company reported XX low price, our company doesn't think a trip this pond son Hun water!"

One year ago, I once saw a lot of small companies of ten several even rices in person.Oneself doesn't produce, depends to stir-fry single future life to save.Arrive currently, the company like this was basic to not much see.The price has been very transparent and depends to usher in original material or semi-processed goods, handicraft's assembling the small company of finished product has been very exhausting.LED strip lightThat profession produces level at gradually raise, the production automates degree at step by step enlargement, decline low cost, raise production efficiency and product quality becomes some have the farsighted company initiative makes of choice.

A do LED applies a lighting development of the engineer Be candid in saying:Our company already practical feel LED of the pressure of profession competition, the market one is confusion, didn't unify of standard, norm, as a company with not small scale, have to also consider first to exist down in this price war.Company consideration and automation equipments produce a manufacturer to cooperate and develop an automation equipments that suit oneself's company's production and gradually replace artificial production and raise a production efficiency now and decline low cost.Although ex- expect to invest a little bit greatly, this is LED to produce the inevitable choice of factory house, more early more good.

The friend who there is producing soft light is very foresighted, realize that the price war is unavoidable.Early and early start large numbers of quantity productions, launch a carpet type in the whole whole country sale.There is already his office or dealer in a lot of national places now.

Resources integration, the LED market faces to re- shuffle cards.The small company develops exit basic is broken off with hand, archduke department at this extraordinary period all is speeding transformation speed.Walk brand route, do a terminal market, is LED archduke department of inevitable choice.

The price war is continuing and exactly have how many companies can insist the end of next year?

In the this trip industry, get in touch with the boss of that profession and sell a personnel, LED tube lighttechnical personnel every day, can feel the profession's ruthlessness reality every day, completely is a disappear nitric smoke of battle out right-to-life war.

Big supermarket and small store keep both so several years, and both live together peacefully.Can the small company of LED profession also be like a small store to exist down so?