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Feel happiness

To tell the truth, before this, I never thought of before. I was always jealous of those gorgeous women and handsome men, I think they (they) really God's darling. "But if everyone is satisfied with what they have, then there is no further upgrade their fighting. Could beyond their own status quo and seek greater development not important to you?"

"I do not deny the importance of the pursuit of perfection, but I focus more on the joy this side, because this side a lot of people have overlooked I advocate never failed to complete a goal frustrated, brushless motordistressed even in death day, your mail will still be you need to handle the mail. "

"In fact, the road on the way than to reach the other side more fun." He insisted, "It's like the Lexus ad said, 'When you're driving it, why should the pursuit of perfection?' Many people are in the pursuit of perfection, few people driving it, do not forget, you buy a beautiful car, not to perfect, but in order to enjoy the joy of driving on the way. "

"Can it be understood, the pursuit of perfect process, is the perfect part?"

"Completely correct us in the pursuit of better at the same time, we should learn to enjoy all already have both not antagonistic, dc motor gear dba5a06dkwe can 'happy and hungry' to life."

Happy and hungry? I never thought to put the two together. I know there are a small number of people very happy, but the vast majority of people are very hungry.

Happy man in front of me, my eyes, hungry pursuit of our goals when we, why do not we already have everything feel happy then?


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