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The wind brings the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance

Autumn wind gently brushed my face, the air smelled the fragrance of osmanthus, along with incense from the direction of the wind, I know Yangzhou River Guangxi woods osmanthus has bloomed, unable to hold oneself back I did not hand busy, also can not consider the beautiful sunset already in the sky quietly dressing, smelling foot after the incense, and anxious.Jilt a head sweat pant for breath, standing in rows of laurel, body was wrapped in thick aroma. Breathe deeply, shallow to overflow, the heart come very naturally formed in the Tang Dynasty, mid fall the seeds, day fragrance flavor, look at that beautiful sunset does not leave, greedy and ground me for this cool faint fragrance of heaven and earth可爱内衣.Slowly near, my eyes followed the odor in a fixed by bright yellow Guduo, see is elegant and graceful, quietly hide in the leaves do not show any publicity, the divine realm, refined ya, make you clear up remaining in count. Gently remove many yellow sweet scented osmanthus, a spread in the palm of your hand, a childhood memory oil palm, sweet, fragrant, also has a light music and a little melancholy and sorrow, is a persistent long missing is fragrant long long.
Corpus luteum of the soft dim light, estranged tracks far only fragrance stay, why should the shallow blue light red, the first one among the flowers. Osmanthus is unremarkable in the flowers, she is not beautiful peony, no tears aloof, more than all the flowers bloom in spring. She has only a small bud, piecemeal, cannot withstand the wind swaying, often in the annihilation of the foot and neglect. But the sweet scented osmanthus overbearing scent let flowers to shame, that long distant Qi no more flowers fragrant.
The sunset faded last beautiful gorgeous, covered in that big laurel on the color fading, black also gradually deepened. This time the flowers become pure, ha ha, only smell. Fortunately, the moon seemed to know my thoughts, the brightness adjustment is very strong also, in the dark made logical foundation, sweet scented osmanthus yellowish, hidden under the hazy moon jump out, feel is a shy, shy, more show a solemn, quiet, and托胸束身內衣.
This Su Jin, looking at the moon, looking at the laurel, smelling the fragrance, not think Yang Wan Li Yong GUI, not the earth, moving from the mid, Guang Han incense point, blowing Manshan opened. The moon and the sweet scented osmanthus has the indissoluble bound, from the beautiful myth to Tang and Song poetry appreciation, the beautiful love and sweet warm placed flowers. Yeah, in this autumn baseball season, although the sweet scented osmanthus flowering period is short, but in the heart of fragrance but like the moon and the eternal.
The sweet scented osmanthus fragrance Piaoman Yang City, sweet scented osmanthus exhaustion in the air and I hear the call of the swallow, Cheung brother, eat sweet scented osmanthus cake. Although it has been far away, but truly, as if in the eyes.


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