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Full city gold

Full city gold, round however this square inch tender feelings
Be subjected to a friend, it invites and comes to Shenzhen to watch a great luck.Fascinating moment, time always fleets away and calculate calculate, come deeply already half month enough to spare.BE just intending while going out to turn, receive long don't contact of the telephone of classmate in the senior high school, also in Shenzhen.Very pleased.Know she reads graduate student in the University of Shenzhen, at the right moment, the campus of Jing Jing, at the right moment words at the beginning

Autumn the sun Jiao is hot, deeply big north door green tree Weng Yu, still recognized she, just, at the beginning of the horsetail have already become a wave, smiling face, but is don't change of brightness.So heavy one golf course, the ball falls like rain, the pearl sort stars orders to sprinkle green grass at the bacterium bacterium up, pearl jewelrybut the cow sheep wanders about unhurriedly in the deep place.Just want openings, discover that the phrase is poor.Mutually see a to smile, the time returns to trace a while.Walk to stop, have a chat at the beginning, smile now, ha, the youth is always doubly fine in the middle of thinking of, now but wanted to try very hard to of pull this the tail of the youth.O.K., green tree still at, sunlight still at.

As well like the streets and alleys of Shenzhen, deep big tree wood Wei Rui, the green is fatty thick, but is also that the nattiness is clean, the teaching building dormitory building modern feeling is hundred percent.Don't feel, have already worn a lotus pond, go to west door.Turf-grass previous three paints red Huang Lan San's colorses of my eyeball was attracted to the carving of door.The classmate smiles to ask me to want not to is going to the No.3 skill inn see, south sea pearlis the art creativity of the school base.

Two, the third floors are the artist's utility rooms that gathers together since then.Two sides in the hallway exerting is advanced various vanguard art, although the outsider is 1, in the treasure of this kind of color and imagination dint it make before still forbid not and live to loudly appeal to the public fascinatingly.Immediately arrive at the fourth floors again, listen to the classmate saying being the seventh international cultural industry exposition to divide assembly hall and be now carry on getting a prize work exhibition.

Once experienced two, the third floor color of the mightiness bump shot and beg various mentally dense of Suo period various explosion various vacant haven't far gone, face an at present view, suddenly imitate a Buddha Be placed oneself to another world.

One eye is absorbed to place at present enamel work that nameds jade hall rich and honored.Have never talked for a long time.The pillow that thought of still just primary school time to toward a mother to get married to embroider, uses the pencil a pen per painting the ground copy Mo to wear the above mandarin duck, though rough and childish, in my in the mind but is also a mandarin duck drama water, bluish green tree red flower, lotus leaf farmland farmland.Jade hall, rich and honored, the white jade is a cover, the gold silk is its line, like a parties rich and honored of color, the whole porcelain noodles, but is big slice of big slice of of the indigo blue spill it up, cover with a thick thin recluse chrysanthemum, have no Yong to permit, have no stylish, only have the mercy of glut with cool, imitate a Buddha station in the high in the clouds, scrutinize history to rotate quietly, the life and death turn Yuan.Heart one shot is one shot and jump about one clear in the ear.Prosperous thus various, the machine emperor calculates to the utmost and becomes old, even if win after the body precursor, but is a rather old Lian Yi and she have been already gone.What is a rich and honored?Isn't a full gold and jade hall,
wholesale fashion jewellery not is a power Qing open countryside, also not is world-renown, is the remembering medium grandmother Zhan unsteadily carries for you to come of the thick joss-stick of pot Ba Zhou;Is an elder brother the scorching workplace mouthful Liao bubble is in the hot sun ground the ice black tea that pass to you;Is the cotton shoes that the mother stubbornly filled to you when you just just met and wanted to leave;Is an in home that bed is led numerous stamp-tax cotton quilts that repaired and repair by your Chuai;Is that a till summer always a spirit infuse satisfied father's enamel ware water jar that came back from the in the field just;Is that lead a stove the cooking stove lead to enjoy cool air to wrap blue cloth a side a side color thin Huang of Pu ……


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