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babies growth hormone secretion

Sleep late and get up late cannot make up for babies growth hormone secretion

Summer, mothers often met many new parenting problem, such as children sleep and later, whether to need to adjust the regular life?summer job dab4d60ck  Pediatric experts tell you.

Summer, mothers often met many new parenting problem, such as children sleep and later, whether to need to adjust the regular life? The clothes wear too little, how to guarantee marketer health? Pediatric experts reading summer parenting and care's emphasis and error, help parents with the baby enron for the summer.

The baby should be eight nine o 'clock at night to sleep

Q: the summer hot day, some children also can sleep a little late, at this time, let the child get up late in the morning, whether can compensate for lack of sleep problems?

A: from the point of view of the children's health, the baby at o will be asleep, general sleeping till morning LiuQiDian. Because so much of the children, wake up early in the morning.

Man is a biological species, in not invented electric light before, is to follow the sun life together. , be stopped work at sunset. The child is even more so.

We know, the child growth hormone secretion of two stages, and the a's 10 p.m., a is at 3 o 'clock in the morning. Including school children, we also request to sleep eight at nine o 'clock.

If the work and rest according to adults, sleep late and get up late, at least deprived children's a growth opportunity. It also does not accord with the child's growth rule, at least the quality of sleep will be relatively poor.

Weaning stage sleep is a big problem

Q: some children sleep a little late, also can't be sleeping till the morning light, and what are the factors affect sleep?

A: first, is now the summer, the hot weather,chinese herbal product have an opinion, think the house with babies can't use air conditioning, in fact, children and adults feel hot and cold, heat is also can't sleep. Second, is disease factors, some children have eczema, will itch, it will affect sleep. Also some children lack calcium, zinc, iron, can also result in sleep.
Third, teething phase will also affect children sleep, but the impact will not be huge and time is shorter, not should last a month or two.

Fourth, dinner eats too full, a belly up, also can cause sleep, this belongs to the digestive function to be not moved. More than 1 year old child, is a common problem.

Finally, after 1 year old children, in the broken breast milk, this time of sleep is also a big problem. At night, the children habitually to nipples, and not hungry, but it is a psychological comfort. But it would also affect children sleep, because children smell mother the flavor of body, will be excited about.

Sleep good, influence growth

Q: children sleep, what has adverse effects?

A: children sleep, adults also rest bad. Adult health be affected, child health affected more.

Fist of all, we all know, growth hormone secreted in the night of some more, can't sleep, can affect the endocrine function, affect growth.
Second, there is also a sleep problem awareness, the disorder, can also affect the development of the nervous system of the children. From this perspective, we want to focus on a small baby sleep.

When a child sleep problems, because no established a good sleep pattern, in fact, from the time of birth is a white paper, we more suggested that parents, in 6 months to one years old this stage, pay attention to the cultivation of good sleep habits. For example, to four months later, basically night will be stop milk; Six months later, will resolutely put an end to the night with milk, especially 11 o 'clock at night to between 5 o 'clock in the morning, don't feed to eat. Because hot stuff in, digestive function of the children began to work, digestive enzymes began to secrete, this will affect children sleep.

Such advice, is indeed in the challenge of traditional point of view. But in fact, as human biological species will tell,office furniture neize225dw night don't need to add another food. This is life rule, in foreign countries, and even the little baby will not feed.


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