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updates can depress the cost

Chip technology updates can depress the cost?
Most people still believe, LED chip is the future direction of development of silicon based approach.
Although the LED price is still too high, but the rapid decline of the cost has seen a new hope. Sufficient evidence is,wireless keyboard dab4d60ck  LED application in China after the initial lighting, to two or three years ago, road lighting, finally at the end of last year, successfully entered the room.
" Last year because of rare earth fluorescent powder prices prices led to rising costs, so that the fluorescent lamp; in addition, the LED light effect on the increase, cost drops ceaselessly however, many past returns not very good field are now OK. " GE lighting products and Asia-Pacific area LED first innovation center lighting business general manager Wang Jian said.
If you buy lighting products, a 130 lumen / watt, able to use 40000 hours, $15 LED lights, and a 60 lumen / watt, could work 3000 hours, $3 for a fluorescent lamp, which one will you choose?
New century Au Optronics Co technology officer Li Yunli would choose the latter. According to Li, for consumers, LED products can enter key or sell price, not technology. " If the LED property is reduced to 100 lumens / watt, life of 15000 hours, but the selling price is $3, it was very competitive. "
In fact, even if it does not degrade the performance of LED, cost reduction is not impossible. LED light
 Only LED of the core chip technology, " chip light efficiency increased by 10% every year, every 3 months drop 5% still has hope. " Philips Lighting Company Lumileds regional marketing director Zhou Xuejun said.While the crystal can photoelectric ( Jiangxi) Limited company chief technology officer Zhao Hanmin intends to challenge the development of 20 years of sapphire substrate technology, " if the use of the silicon substrate technology, can avoid big company's patented technology to network, and the cost of LED chip 5-10 times lower than the sapphire substrate. "
But Zhao also says frankly, silicon substrate technology is more difficult than that of sapphire substrate, " stress is the major problem, easy to crack. "
However, most people still believe, LED chip is the future direction of development of silicon based approach.
Nichia Chemical Industries Association of lighting LED Development Center Deputy Center grow black Hiro says, " as 3-5 years after rare earth price adjustment,tin box manufacturer the cost of silicon will decline, then we will do more to try. "


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