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LED lights change color is what?

Do you believe it, the color is actually a life: they have smart, can make various space colors affect our moods. However, in most people's living space, pale or light, we are generally used to. While the new LED PLC Lamp lights change color, also has the light, color mechanism of LED lamps, can produce the effect of change in atmosphere.
LED lights change color by capacitor step-down power supply, LED controller and G, R, B LED array consisting of three primary colors. Its appearance and generally milky white incandescent bulbs of the same, but the light automatically after a certain time interval discoloration. Back a green, yellow, and green land, purple, blue, red, white light. Color changing lamp is a three color LED lighting two LED, it can be issued yellow, purple, blue ( such as red, blue two LED light emitted light ); if the red, green, blue three LED Dimmer Switch dab5d58ck lighted at the same time, it will produce a white light. If a circuit can make the red, green, blue LED respectively, two two light and three color LED individually lit lighted at the same time, issued seven different colors of light. The outer bulb must use white. In order to better color mixing, can not be made of transparent materials.
LED lights change color applied to the birthday party, holiday parties, festivals have the Spring Festival holiday, to add festive atmosphere: can also be used for entertainment and advertising lights. For example, the blue lights set off at 6 medal 2012 in the morning, fresh and soft, through the warm yellow, cute pink, light green, can be applied to the comfortable setting. Romantic lilac color reminiscent of memories, home furnishing or commercial space would be based on the need to match the color of atmosphere, do not need to change the indoor decoration and lighting.
However, these lamps have a troublesomely, is to control the color change of the circuit, need high cost, while the drive circuit of life can also be a problem, the industry has many solutions to cope with the expected after 2009, this kind of application will be more and more, in 2010 reached LED situational lighting market take-off state.


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