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Dad walked past a child's room

When was the last time a Dad walked past a child's room, with their clothes neatly hung up on the floor and the lights still blazing after the impetuous rush out to the PS3, TV or for food.LED Lighting Company dab6d25ck First there is the 'huff and puff' from us Dads as, off goes the light switch! Think about it. We hate wastage when it's us that pays the bills.

Welcome to the Adult Male Green revolution. In our quest for saving the planet - with as little fuss as possible, we turned to bulk purchasing those compact fluorescent 'twirly' bulbs that the marketers promised would save our power bills and our rubbish hills from the all too frequent 'ping' we heard when we turned on our light bulbs. Actually, getting a long life bulb option should have been promoted as a free marriage guidance session as our wonderful ladies tended to get on our case about changing that darn blackened light bulb in the corridor or above the children's homework desk. Now it wasn't the cost of the light bulb that caused the avoidance of 2 months to change it, it was the hassle of buying one every other week as they 'popped' on a seemingly all too regular basis. Add to that, getting the ladder or stool out of the cupboard, moving the furniture around as well as enduring the 'red ear syndrome' from she who must be obeyed. No this new energy efficient bulb would save the day, like some glowing super hero coming to the rescue of our maintenance budgets.

Did you notice something though. The ones we brought on special from that big pallet in the middle of the walkway at our 'Mega Store' of choice, ended up being basically cold blue in colour, DVD to ipod  making our partners and kids look like they had spent some time in a concentration camp from their sunken features and they never actually gave us the same amount of light as the packaging suggested.
In our house, we ended up buying more floor mounted fittings just to enable me to read the news paper. I also noticed that when I used the most romantic mood setting device, otherwise known as a light dimmer knob, we would end up with more of a disco effect as the fluorescent bulbs flashed and flickered until we realised that the box specifically said they were not compatible with dimmers. I note that wasn't part of the selling pitch from those advertisements.

I also should mention that those less frequent entries in to the rubbish bins they promised didn't eventuate. Even the extra life promised seemed to fail to live up to the years written on the box. No. If I was to change the world, it appeared it would not be through this technology. dvd to iphone I have become cynical subsequently of any new inventions for saving my corner of the world from eternal hydro dam power generation threats being built on my back yard.


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