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Cork furniture knowledge

A wide variety of made of cork, office furniture, the price for most businesses accept. Many cork in use also and hardwood collocation. Such as beech, Phoebe, camphor wood, Matsuki Kazusugi wood are common cork material.In 1, black walnut walnut wood Daban Tai, the most high-quality one, mainly produced in Europe and North america. Made of walnut, office furniture manufacturer with light color. Black walnut is dark brown with a purple, string section for beautiful large parabolic pattern ( Moku ). Black walnut is very expensive, do furniture usually use veneer, rarely used wood.
In 2, cherry file cabinet, import cherry wood mainly produced in Europe and North America, wood brown, texture elegant, string section as the medium of parabolic patterns, have small grain. Sakura Momoki is also a high-grade timber, furniture is usually used with solid wood veneer, rarely.
3, beech, the beech is mountain beech, and traditional Chinese furniture in the " southern beech North elm elm " are two different things. Beech color is bright yellow, with dense " needle " ( Ray ), peeling hill lines. Imported European beech defects less than domestic good, a lot of. Imported beech in the country belong to the high-end wood, commonly used wood, wood is also used as a chair and small bar.
4, maple, maple hill light yellow color, pattern, the biggest feature is the " shadow " ( local gloss clear ). Maple is a mid-range timber, wood and wood are very common.
In 5, birch, birch light yellow color, the feature is more easily "waterline " ( black ). Birch is also a mid-range timber, solid wood and veneer are common.
6, rubber wood, native to Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand etc.. Domestic production in Yunnan, Hainan and the coastal area, is a latex material. Rubber wood color fawn,
A scrappy little ray, rings clear, round circle dark ribbon, tube hole known. Wooden structure is coarse and even. Texture of diagonal, wood is hard. Advantages: smooth section, easy adhesive, paint coating performance. Disadvantages: rubber wood has peculiar smell, because it contains more sugar, changeful color, rot and insects. Is not easy to dry, do not wear-resistant, easy to crack, easy bending, wood processing, and processing sheet metal deformation.
In 7, oak: the material is heavy and hard, coarse texture, wood ray obviously, high mechanical strength, the wood is not easy to dry, difficult processing, wear resistant, bond is not easy, but the good color performance, good bending performance, commonly used for furniture surface and thin wood veneer.
In 8, pine: without carving, texture clear, delicate lines. Pine-scented, beautiful skin. The production process requirements, need drying degrease.
9: shiny wood, Catalpa wood, structure slightly thick, slow drying, is not easy to warp, easy processing, nail force.
10: wood, elm is tenacious, texture understanding clear, hardness and intensity is moderate, generally from the relief can adapt,office furniture desksurface smooth, the chord surface pattern is beautiful, has "the chicken wing wood" the pattern, elm after drying, shaping, carved grinding Lacquer, can produce exquisite handicraft. In the northern part of the furniture market everywhere. Elm with southern beech " North Elm South Ju " is called. And the material web is spacious, with excellent quality; deformation rate,Carved ornamentation rough mainly. Elm elm elm yellow and purple branch. Huang Yu sees, wood new it apart is yellowish, with the old color gradually deepened; and purple elm natural black purple, color or approximate old mahogany color. Northern furniture to elm is the largest, wiping the wax, also have rubbed paint.In 11, oak: Quercus Fagaceae, tree genus, was the heart of yellowish brown to reddish brown, growth ring, slightly wavy, heavy and hard, our country north to Jilin, Liaoning south to Hainan, Yunnan with a distribution of high quality timber, but does not see more printed circuit board, classy oak still need to be imported from abroad, fine material per cubic amounted to nearly 10 thousand yuan, it is also an important reason for the high price of oak furniture. Oak furniture characteristics: compared with a distinctive shape of grain, and the touch surface has a good texture. The European white oak texture elegant, North American red oak has moku. Due to heavy oak hard texture, moisture off the net more difficult, difficult process.12, Sapele wood ( red shadow wood ) ( Sapele Name: Entandrophragmacylindricum ) alias: Scented mahogany, Sapele mahogany; distribution: West, central and East Africa; appearance: Wood staggered, with wavy grain, open in four saw processing of wood texture formed unique fish shaped black stripes; porosity medium, high gloss; sapwood heartwood pale yellow, light red or dark brown; physical properties: weight, bending strength, compressive strength, seismic performance, corrosion resistance and durability medium; toughness, lower the bending properties of steam;
Processing performance: processing easier, although as a result of staggered wood, its surface may be in the process of cutting in cracking; adhesive, tenoning, nails in good condition; paint and other surface treatment with good performance, especially in the use of pore filler after filling; use: with true mahogany is similar in many application fields, such as: Office furniture cabinetordinary furniture, Saiki furniture, decorative veneer, veneer, flooring, indoor and outdoor connecting wooden components, doors and windows, doors, staircases, a marine traffic tools such as panels and piano.