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cross-straits everlasting

Pursue essential public sentiment in cross-straits everlasting peace Taiwan
Network reports to announce editorial to say on the 22th, if do an opinion poll to whole Taiwanese people, believe persons of great majority all agree, only peaceably stable environment in Taiwan Strait, just suit Taiwan development and people's welfare.

The article takes off a plait as follows:

If do an opinion poll to whole Taiwanese people, believe that only peaceably stable Taiwan Strait environment persons of great majority all agree, just suits Taiwan development and people's effectively reduce welfare.Is why not all Taiwanese people?This certainly because someone hopes to obtain a political benefits from Taiwan Strait stand opposite appearance.Consider this problem further, which Taiwan will group or camp of inner parts hope that Taiwan Strait maintains this kind of present condition forever?The answer is certainly very few the number"the pedestal is only" member.
Wants to has a right way the people of the consolidation"only parties" ballot to enter a party in the next year"election" three choose person Tsai Ying-wen, calculate she is personal to think to is a quite good proposal, but at the situation of "only parties" pressure under, also can be forced by the situation, publicly oppose cross-straits of peaceful agreement.

Why did you say that Tsai Ying-wen is a passive response?From her assertion know, people into strategy of party to cross-strait relation future development direction if not is pay of Que such as, otherwise and basically is old to adjust heavy play, without the new meaning.Was like to there is once an experienced political critic criticizing that the people saiding while entering a party:"The people enters a party if still being addicted to is traditional of only discuss generally, or attempt gorgeous the treatise rhetoric with the Ci Zao back and forth avoid concrete policy assertion, this method is no longer a so-called creation the faintness is basically fighting misty battle."

Furthermore, the people enters the response of party to basically have no substantial attack dint, anti- highlight it guiltyhalf-hardy expositions, don't wish to consider and face the future possibility of cross-straits development.When Tsai Ying-wen was inquired about the arrangement of the cross-strait relation in future recently, publicly meant "did not expel any possibility".Since it is so, why be Ma Ying-jiu to just put forward the possibility that the cross-straits signs peaceful agreement, encounter the heartless cannon fire of not in power camp?

Accordingly, people enter party basically be not sincerely see Taiwan Strait reaches agreement, cross-straits common unsteady factor for creating the environment of peaceful development,
very important on the contrary hoping by latent Taiwan Strait, continue at Taiwan society hold to make "the pedestal is only" that can never attain beautiful dream.