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Delete yesterday's troubles

People have to learn to give up, give up yesterday's troubles, in tears before turning left, leaving behind a simple background; learn to give up, yesterday will be buried in the bottom of my heart,poly bag supplier make plastic bag Offshore company
 leaving the most beautiful memories; learn to give up, so that each can have a more relaxed,covered all over with cuts and bruises love does not necessarily imprint is engraved on my heart. Love is like a rubber band, you take a head, I take a head, two people mutually promise never separate. Then one day, a man broke his promise, loosen the hand, wound deepest is the death of pulling the feelings of people go!
Sometimes hope too much, it will give birth to a lot of trouble. In fact, life does not need these unnecessary perseverance, nothing can never give up. If you want an easy life, we must learn to give up. Who likes the same things will get it. Sometimes, some people, in order to get what he likes, rack one's brains, tax one's ingenuity, more very person may use unscrupulous divisive tactics, and even go to the extreme. Maybe he got what he likes, but in his pursuit, lose things can not be calculated, the cost is what is irreparable. Maybe the heavy price until finally he found. In fact, like the same thing, not necessarily to get it.
The world has too many happy things. Do not have the good, we have always been yearning and pursuit. In order to obtain, the bustling about. In fact, his real need, often after many years will understand, even the whole life also have never been heard of since! And have been for the better, because we often lose after having got it in the experience, and there is a wait and worry.bag The setting sun apt sigh, flowers bloom troubles, so there are many unhappy, but we have to create more happiness! With time, perhaps we are losing; while the time to give up, we may again regain. Of all things, and we in fact can not be absolutely sure. If deliberately chase and have a go, it is difficult to go out of the misunderstanding of worry about personal gains and losses. So the sublimation of life required a super quiet the spirit. Understand that people know how to give up, people know the truth of the sacrifice, the happy people know how to transcend!
Each of the feelings are very beautiful, accompanied by each process are fascinating. Cannot have the regret lets us feel more desperate; is midnight non-dormancy missing lets us feel nostalgia. Love is not the answer to a questionnaire, hard search does not make life better. Maybe a little regret, sadness, makes this a more meaningful answer, more long.
Life has given us endless grief, also gives us the answer forever.
Then, a ride to abandon, cling to a detached! No matter the mundane life to change, no matter how much more personal choice, no matter what grip in the hands of priorities, although we have courage to escape, though also happy sad! We as usual went deep to life as usual,gradually give up the firm gradually!