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diamond jewelry retailed

The local and well-known diamond jewelry retailed the brand diamond small bird and industrial university Geng college of Dan in Peking to unite to release concerning jewelry jewelry, the designer united development to encourage plan-the diamond small bird will fastens a student to provide the teaching fulfillment the place for the Geng art design in the college of Dan, and in order to associately establish scholarship and scholarship with the square of the school, used for reward to design the student whom the realm performs exceptionally wells in the jewelry.

Our country the jewelry business enterprise go together with abroad to compare and develop in the technique, talented person and independence, business enterprise comprehensive real strenght etc. all have an equal margin, but in this all margins, the most basic of be still the talented person's margin.Include jewelry designer at inside of all levels jewelry the professional talented person is missing, these direct influence our country jewelry business enterprise and the further development of industry.poly bag manufacturer

Releasing on that very day will up, diamond little bird consociation chief executive officer, Xu Xiao, said, it was the soul of jewelry jewelry to design, was also the jewelry brand future core competencies place.Take a wide view the development history of global jewelry brand, all international front-line brands that enjoy high prestige in the world have a top-grade famous master design team, have enjoy please the eye of jewelries product, this is also one of the magic weapon and sharp weapon that it is going far on the markets.The jewelry brand development of China has the fertile fields that the market of with abundant resources grows up, the diamond small bird and allly go together similar, begs to the talented person wise if thirst, therefore the experience place that takes pleasure in providing teaching fulfillment very much gives each classmate study fulfillment and also welcome excellent graduate student to become number of the diamond small bird.

Industrial university Geng vice- director in the college of Dan in Peking ties a life time gentleman to also mean in releasing willing, the school not only needs to train a talented person, but also wants to help talented person's learning with a view to its application and unite development talented person with business enterprise very important, the school emphasizes the development to carry on the art to the classmates, technique the development even has condition and atmosphere in the business enterprise, the supply and demand contains close both parties' exchanges, talented person's development aims at sex also stronger.Qi in the school unites development talented person, will be a talented person to grow up quickly green passage.The diamond small bird founded a business enterprise to establish to scholarship first river in the college of Geng Dan, the school hoped to have a similar cooperation with more business enterprises and encouraged more students to create an excellent work thus.

The plan of the diamond small bird got Geng the height of teachers and the students in the college of Dan speak favorably, not a few students said, work currently the situation allow of no more optimistic circumstance, the side studies theories knowledge, the side fulfillment attains practical use, they hope that the opportunity walks into a business enterprise to live to learn to live to use, and this is very helpful to control and promote technical jewelryA lot of teachers also think that combining together teaching and fulfillment are jewelries to design professional only route, they welcome to have more opportunities that business enterprises be like the diamond small bird to provide fulfillment like this and encourage student's growth