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Dream song

Read the poetry of the Tang Dynasty, will be lifted the veil from the classic, let poetry for poets, in the rush to find Li Bai Du Fu, in the river to find Yuan Zhen Bai Juyi, the pastoral landscape to find Wang Wei Meng Haoran, and Li Shangyin Du Mu as the flash, hill was water Liu Zongyuan Liu Yuxi, chilly spring Jia Dao Meng Jiao ... ....

The eternal classic literature will be immortal author, poet who full of wit, full of spirit. But there is also a sadly common, be down on one's luck, forever. Its fate always seems to" rough official career" four words together. Free from the various petty official said, poet Li Bai dream work, but thanks to the return of the native, poet Du Fu life poor, later was blowing all corners of the country, more the poet's life course is a derogatory history of tomorrow.

Tang poetry, reading poetry is poetry, feelings of people, in the magnificent chapter, those changes after the old man coverage to the descendants of an iceberg, to cover up their frail.

Be down on one's luck, life is full of frustrations, seems to be the fate of those great men. Exclaimed, not by the will think of my life, life is not deep, but sharpens the vicissitudes of life, want to never get, such as curse him holding me. Down, down, failure, losing there to really love you it's perfection itself.

Tang poetry, I give up. Later I frankly accept the fate of suffering, despite fierce storms invading my body, my soul is follow poet wandering one thousand years ago.