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Eat breakfast will make your stomach hurt

1, get up eat breakfast very hurt a lot of people used to get up early in the morning to get up at five or six, soon after breakfast, believing it can replenish body place to need, also helps the body absorb. But in fact, breakfast eat too early, not only to the good health, also may be injured stomach.ashleycl

Health experts point out that, people at night during sleep, most of the body organs to rest, but the digestive organs because of the need to digest foods for dinner, usually until the early hours of the morning to truly enter the resting state, if eat breakfast early, will affect the gastrointestinal rest, if things go on like this will damage the gastrointestinal function.jessicamm

2, eating a lot of people no time in the morning for breakfast, used to buy breakfast to eat while walking on the side of the road. Health experts point out that, eating is not conducive to digestion and absorption; another street food usually save health risks of possible disease enters by the mouth.amandamm

3, eat only fruit " in the morning to eat fruit, eat much can the words" nutrition experts beg to differ, because the fruit contains protein and fat, can not provide to maintain the body's normal metabolism required nutrients.brittanyyu

In addition, like persimmon, tomatoes, bananas these fruit cannot eat on an empty stomach, eat on an empty stomach will increase the burden on the stomach.sarahmei