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Enemy hurt you

Was bitterly mocking you, you immediately acrid call him; been no reason to look down on you, you immediately despise him contemptuously hype; someone in front of you, you immediately redouble proved more powerful; 我愛我健康someone you cold, you'll behis cold and distant.

Look, you hate those who easily put you into your own most annoying kind of look. This is the "enemy" the greatest harm to you.

Those who claim to be exam-oriented education ruined, not the candidate will self-destruct; complain marriage indelible ideal, not married not Madame Curie; nagging every day in this system can not create great works, went to Switzerland, the same can not find the freedom of the soul. People living in the same era, but identify different excuses.

Everyone in front of the window to see the world, 這個冬天some people see only a mirror, some pitch-dark.

Son told me, summer return home and ready into the customs in the airport security staff checked the documents back to him, he has still waiting staff also saying to him.

Because in the United States, the U.S. staff to see who holds an American passport clearance will affectionately say: "Welcome home!" He said, stood for a long time, I am so disappointed! In many cases, a small detail can make you a sense of belonging to a country.yukooty