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EU food contact plastic products

Exports to the EU food contact plastic products need to pay close attention to the new regulations
In December 10, 2011, the European Union published in the Official Gazette ( EU ) No1282 / 2011regulations, revised on food contact plastics materials and products ( EU ) No10 /2011 code. The new rules, to2012before January in compliance with existing regulations listing sales of plastic materials and products, if you do not comply with the new regulations, plastic bag manufacturerstill in the market before January 1, 2013sales, inventory products can be sold out so far. The regulations in the European Union since its official gazette published20days. In January 25, 2012, the European Food Safety Authority ( EFSA ) also issued new regulations for food contact plastic products details, namely plastic implementation measures, the regulations further supplement.
Must cause high attention in the new rules, the specific migration of melamine Limited ( Specificmigrationlimit, SML ) from30mg / kg to2.5mg / kg. In addition, according to the EFSA's opinion,2,4 - double (2,4- two methyl phenyl ) - 6 - (2 - hydroxy - 4 - octyl methoxy phenyl ) - 1,3,5- three in SML by 0.05mg / kg revision for 5mg / kg; N - methyl pyrrolidone SML is set to60mg / kg. In addition, regulations also modified some EU list has authorized the physical constraints and norms.
In recent years, HTPC Keyboardthe EU has successively promulgated a series of laws and regulations, continuously improve the threshold of imported food contact materials, facing the severe trade barrier and control requirements, domestic production enterprises ought to cause high attention, in product testing and raw and auxiliary materials check put in more effort and cost.
In view of this, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant food contact plastic products manufacturing enterprises: one is to understand and grasp the new regulations related terms, on the European Union regulations limit the project and limited remain highly sensitive, raise awareness of risk, avoid the loss; two is to standardize management, establishing reliable raw materials supply channels, especially with melamine formaldehyde resin ( melamine plastic ) for the raw materials production enterprises, should pay great attention to new regulations on melamine can migration limit from strict requirement limits, wary of the quality security problem; three is to strengthen the inspection and quarantine departments, pay close attention to the government departments issued warning information, early prevention of,
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