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false jewelry how Bian

True or false jewelry how Bian?The quality Jian bureau teaches you "the fire eye gold Jing"
"The expert said I am this piece of what to bring is a piece of good jade from Xinjiang, could not spend 2,000 dollars, I can pick up a baby."

"Expert expert, you quickly see for me, I this pearl calculate not to calculate good pearl."

This afternoon, the people's livelihood product quality reads "jewelry and jade jewelry" of the series Issue 3 particularly field, smell Xun since then of the citizen take various jewel boxes and authenticate an expert the seat rounded ram-jam full.The jewelry examination teacher that comes from the city quality technical director examination bureau is used appropriation instrument equipments and examination medicine water answer Yi to dispel doubt for the citizen and let not a few bosom Chuai baby's citizen prestige to"baby"s suddenly realize.

On the scene,printing company the examination's the city quality Jian bureau still notified the quality circumstance of my city pearl decoration to the citizen.Originally my city has started since 2009 to develop direct to make selective check to the pearl decoration product, the business enterprise number making selective check is on the average about 30s.Made selective check a circumstance to see from the direct, I was pearl decoration the quality present up-trend and distinguish to 100% in 84%, 82.5% and this year, and the product quality of big medium-sized business enterprise is more stable.
Will ascend introduction, through the years of in the check, the detection main and unqualified item is on the marking, for example some pearls of dyeings must clearly show that pearl has been handled, while choosing name should settle in order to dye pearl or pearl(handle), but can not write into pearl.Secondly be inset of pearl decoration, a lot of print to record to beat not wholely, a lot of factory house is only mark a pure degree, code in the factory house and material name, these 2 all don't mark, like 925 silver decorations, print to record to up only mark 1925, so the consumer can not know, exactly was 925 silvers or 925 coppers, or was 926 irons.

Therefore the city quality technical director examination vice- director Chen2 Zhong Yun in the hospital specially reminds while purchasing jewelry decoration, particularly being an on the travel to purchase, the large consumer must recognize quasi- sales clerk say and whether top is consistent of the sale certificate of the product, each word of certificate wants to see clear, can not have discrepancy.

So how discriminate true or false pearl in the daily life?The jewelry examines teacher Lou six red also introduced a few kinds to in brief judge three methods toward the citizen:On being a sense of vision, the pearl shape not quite rule, the sheen is lustrous and soft, the false pearl shape rule size is consistent, and the sheen stabs an eye;Two is a hand, the pearl very great hand, even if is that the weather is blazing hot the tentacle also feels one silk fresh and cool, the false pearl tentacle is sticky and ikky to roll slippery;Three is see friction, two grains of pearls rub, not slippery, there is resistance, especially have pearl powder to wipe to fall, delicate white slippery, and then the false pearl doesn't have this felling