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Science and technology development is the hard conditions, design with soft strength of penetrated into people's lives every corner. As lighting technology upgrading and LED technology development, LED lighting in the application in the daily life has been more and more popular. How to design a good LED lighting products, Viribright LED globe lamp dab8d29ck firmly eye to attract customers, quickly to seize the market opportunities, a lighting designer rack one's brains are trying to achieve.

At present, LED lighting application in public facilities, airport, station, hotel and so are the LED lighting application major. Taking Chengdu airport lighting project as an example, discusses on the airport lighting LED lighting design and engineering design of the current demand and development trend.

Energy conservation is the constant pursuit of

In the use of LED light source under the premise, how to further improve the lighting energy saving effect, is the new subject in front of us.

In science and technology explosion in twenty-first Century, global politics and economy are in rapid change, energy and climate problems invariably become the development focus hotspots, and lighting is the two problem of the intersection. In the energy consumption on the list, lighting ranked first, accounted for about 25%. At present, the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other economic powers have taken the traditional light source out policy and LED lighting popularization scheme, our country is not exceptional also, this year has already released on incandescent light bulbs will gradually banned announcement.

On this issue, countries and enterprises to choose the lamps in the same direction. Many large lighting at the beginning of the project, has made it clear the indoor lighting will use the LED lighting, thus, operation cost can be greatly reduced the power cost. However, in the use of LED light source under the premise, how to further improve the effect of energy saving lamps? This is the new subject in front of us, Viribright LED Bulb Brand is also LED lighting design and development process in the problem that is worth to think deeply.

At present, in the LED lamp design in the process of research and development, almost all revolve around how to improve product design efficiency of light the main line to carry out. The power from the design, testing, analysis, to LED selection, arrangement array, and then to the transparent board mist degree requirements, and even PCB silk screen font color, entire industry design staff has been the best efforts to improve the light efficiency.

Chengdu airport lighting engineering on lamp products clearly put forward the selection of LED light source, the light efficiency≥ 110lm/W≥ 65lm/W requirements for indoor lighting, this is a very high index, and LED light source to the development of the recent one or two years to reach the technical level. Finally, the project chooses circular recessed downlight, the entire lighting efficiency of up to 73.26lm/W, beyond the above 10%.

On the effect of light demanding requirements is not difficult to understand, because the higher luminous efficiency of LED lighting, means that the energy consumption can be reduced further. In a circular recessed for example, Chengdu Airport scheduled power 21W, rated luminous flux 1170lm, the measured flux 1282.08lm, power is only 17.5W, 21W 3.5W lower than the original. The airport lighting total quantity 10000 sets of calculations, assuming an average daily lights for 12 hours, then save the electric power of 153300 kwh, equivalent to the local electricity about 180000 yuan / year. It is more important in this 180000 yuan a year behind the carbon emissions, hkcar pollution of the environment and the climate impact, this to enterprise and country, have a more far-reaching significance.