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From frequently up 120 kilometers of deep high-speed LED street lamps and tunnel light of completion illuminate engineering, is LED that the national head maturity is applied to the superhighway main trunk highway to illuminate item.For carry on this latest application result big scope expansion, actively push LED the semi-conductor illuminate a profession development, September 27, "Frequently up-deeply high-speed LED illuminate application result to recommend meeting"Hold in Shenzhen.

The LED maturity is applied to main trunk highway
September, the machine lotus high-speed west, the machine lotus high-speed east and south are only high-speed, Long Da Dun high speed, and salt dam high speed...etc. at inside of China light beginning of superhighway in Shenzhen up, lately- installed frequently up the LED street lamp make the cope of night under of Shenzhen is more prosperous.Frequently ascend related representative director said, in the near future in the finishedly deeply high-speed item, frequently up outstandingly completed"6+2& quots;Driveway LED illuminates and included LED street lamp,party cateringtunnel light and Gao Gan Deng:The street lamp is up frequently applied Apollo series, gather a driving of vivid allocation project, hot learn and the mold piece of optical integral whole turn system, can choose to apply going together with of different realm light project, don't need the maintenance method of tool;Adopt 20 meters, 25 meters and 30 meters etc. not is 54 radicles of Gao Gan Deng, is up to the present LED the biggest item of Gao Gan Deng's dosage;The LED tunnel light substituted an original high pressure sodium light.Analysis according to illuminating effect, "Frequently last LED big power street lamp the features is beautiful and shine on the degree, bright degree completely meets the request that the main trunk highway road illuminates."

"The implementation that illuminates engineering raised car safety, comfort and service level of going of my city superhighway and was advantageous to the public order of superhighway to guard against, also for greatly carried a smoothly convening of the meeting to provide good transportation environment."Transportation management committee in Shenzhen City also to frequently ascend the deeply high-speed item give high evaluation.

Doing the business enterprise is to do quality
The modern high-tech light of frequently last environmental protection economy energy not only make the green illuminated on the superhighway of brilliance, also the subway No.3 in Shenzhen line blessing the farmland station continue green of source of vitality.
led lighting manufacturersBe national head application LED illuminate of whole underground transportation vital point engineering, the blessing farmland station passes to take to the light and LED the square tube light learn the vivid application of effect, light function and light the art perfectly merge into an integral whole.Total shine on a degree and even degree of Gao, have no dizzled light, make the passenger's line been getting more convenient, and have the important function of economy energy environmental protection!

Deep high speed and a series especially the large engineering successful back, is frequently up the consistent persistence&the quot;Doing the business enterprise is to do quality& quot;The crystallize of principle.Frequently and up treat quality as life, duct into quality management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and QS8000 etc., the product had already passed nations such as UL, CE, CB, CQC and CCC etc. and the attestation of guo jia.

Direct, examination, take charge of system, the supplier provides of chip, light source, the power, spread hot slice of, electronics zero accessories etc. all original materials at applied before all want to carry on to be strict to examine, the quality is qualified after just to production the section consign an usage and eradicate completely the unqualified product flows into a production line of concealed the head suffering from, ensuring from the source is last to close good material quality;In the whole manufacturing process, frequently up strictly follow the request of IS09001 systems, vigorously promote a process detail, work hard for to attain excelsior to the product production.And, frequently ascend guo jia the laboratory of the approbation(CNAS), own each kind of examination, analysis, evaluation instrument more than 160 sets, can carry on more than 100 examination items, from the supplier lead into an arrival to anticipate links, such as examination, process supervision and finished product and shipment examination...etc. to carry on strictly control.With guo jia approve laboratory(CNAS) for the point examine organization, frequently ascending all lighting finished products has to press the standard to carry on strict examination, include safety, function and credibility and EMC etc. overall examination, make the product been pushed with more excellent quality toward the market.

According to understanding, frequently ascend is the profession is the 1st and is the only company that one patrimony article is stood as guarantor by the PICC quality and own the after-sales service net that spread all over the whole country to order, and provide with the Wei that pass by the professional training to protect a technique troops,
MH heat exchanger provide for the customer for 24 hours to quickly respond to service on the scene, guaranteed after providing a good product and selling.