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giant is showing up

Virtuous Mei:The Chinese solar energy giant is showing up
The solar energy company of China is "super strong opponent", under its price pressure, the solar energy industry of Germany only has flounder and moan.

Germany 《agent 》the magazine announce an article recently and analyzed the successful reason of Chinese solar energy company.The article thinks, "the German solar energy profession is being placed in a crisis in"."LED lights manufacturerThe threat nowadays comes from China, the yonder solar energy giant shows up one after another currently.(The United States)PRTM consults companies to estimate in July, the Chinese bagged in the world last year 45% of the Fu battery market sales amount returned to have 36% in 2009 only.

The business profits of Chinese company increases 600%, increase to°from 313,000,000 euros in 2009 in 2010 about 2,000,000,000 euros.""Face China to greatly provide the goods the company's cost pressure, the German production company almost feels helpless.The slip in"the article enumerated the German solar energy company of a series of collapse or recession and called" can continue row the bottom go.Be much more than German production company, dvb t mpeg4early American last week production company Evergreen Solar declared a collapse.This Kang adopts boon to face cheaper production opponent from China and adopt many meanses to try a maintenance oneself.The American even fills own production to transfer to go to China from Ma Sa Zhu for this."

The company of the United States First Solar once was global biggest light Fu battery supplier, at PRTM the latest placings form of the company in was from the first pushed to drop.Now comes out in front is a Chinese company, sky matches light ability(Trina Solar).

The article says that"at the latest from this year German football first grade league match beginning, the Chinese solar energy tycoon isn't only still virtuous(Suntech) to be just solar energy item executive, because the players of the Huo aroma sea Mu football club(TSG Hoffenheim) take Suntech before the chest certain context.……Still virtuous closes on the heels of other Chinese solar energy companies by its advertisement activity,
Xu Huang for example the English benefit becomes the sponsor company who does obeisance Ren(the FC Bayern M ü nchen)."

"The Chinese production company mainly thinks to is tall quality product manufacturer's ahem, because long term existence of blame BE, they flood a market with the quality inferior product.But, the beard Mo Er(Wolfgang Hummel) of technique in Berlin and the professional college of economic Gao Deng thinks, this reason early obsolescent.This light Fu battery the expert knows he or she at say what, a few he visited a non- tin still virtuous production base in China in person before the months.He says:'If once wore hall, saw exactly is Germany and the trademark of Switzerland, we the hall here also have.The product that produces there is high-quality.'"

The article says that"for blame the solar energy companies of China to make use of the subsidy of guo jia to carry on price to dump, this expert equally refutes sharply:'Certainly there is also the soft loan that special real estate and Chinese bank for reconstruction & development provide, but these helping don't outrun a typical subsidy of guo jia.'"

Beard Mo Er says that the cost is lower than 30% of German production company to arrive 40%, is the result of in fact many factors, "many matters are all more vivid in China."This expert says for example stopping halfway Ci mold production, being just the business of a night of in China, " is contrary, we the labor union here also participation decide."In addition,
Each place illuminatesthe equipments of China actually and day and night doesn't stop.It is an economic scale effect to still have an important factor, particularly is the big supplier of China,such as sky, to match light ability and English benefit or still virtuous can carry out.

The beard Mo Er thinks that equally what to be underrated is the capital of Chinese solar energy tycoon to collect."German supplier at opposite smaller business enterprise the index number(SDax) or technique index number(TecDax) becomes available in the market, the Chinese company then reaches gram(Nasdaq) and stock exchange(NYSE) margin in New York through a Na Si(main plank market in the United States).This forms tripod to sign:In the American margin, at Chinese production, sell in Europe."