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hardware accessories material

Decoration of small hardware accessories material should not to be ignored
The current home is the most frequently used stainless steel hardware, office furniture and stainless steel material, presence of impure water stains easily print defects, many families began using aluminum alloy materials accessories. According to industry sources, on the market a few businessmen allege aluminum material is aluminum containing components of alloy materials, aluminum alloy material incorporated therein with silicon, personal computer remote 2012dab4c51ck magnesium and other elements, of different aluminum alloy material and the thickness of surface film layer and surface treatment technology has the very big relations, these factors often influence the material price and quality. Some enterprises Mister introduction, surface treatment process includes oxidation, matte, electroplating, wood and paint, product prices also vary greatly, with door frame as an example, using oxidized frosting process product market price at around 180 yuan per square metre, and electroplating products reached 260 yuan per square metre or so, the price difference of nearly 45%.
The market common aluminum alloy materials are mainly aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum oxide two, between the price difference between the last 1/3, because the alumina and aluminum and magnesium alloy surface looks almost, the consumers to distinguish the difficulty to be big, but consumers from the hand, water stains and judgement. Experts say, aluminum and magnesium alloy is relatively heavy, the surface is smooth, not easily thrown water traces, toughness is good; and the aluminum material surface coarse, easily blackening and thrown water marks. At the same time, if the two surface was slightly scratches, aluminum-magnesium alloy materials readily erase, and alumina are difficult to get rid of. In addition, the door handle hole distance, also because of different types, prices also vary greatly.
To prevent" stainless iron stainless steel"
Many businesses in the propaganda of stainless steel accessories products will use stainless steel instead of iron, namely in the stainless steel material mixing many iron components, nearly two times the price difference. To towel rack for example, stainless steel price evenly in each of the 200yuan, while the stainless iron price only70 yuan each, on the surface of both are basically the same, but more shine surface of stainless steel materials, stainless iron is used for a long time, the surface easily blackening rust.
In addition, there are some products use inferior aluminium alloy as raw material, coating on the surface of a light metal, masquerading high-grade stainless steel, judgement of these two kinds of materials, the consumer can the striking surface, if the tinkling sound is mostly stainless steel, if it is a boring sound, it is likely that the" clothes" of aluminum alloy.
The best bathroom with silver mirror
According to introduction, the current home the widespread use of the mirror is divided into general glass and silver mirror two, the price difference between the two is about 30%, silver mirror market prices even in every square metre 80yuan ~90 yuan, and general mirror only50 yuan per square metre, and the quality is far from the. Timber is different in the different prices are the main factors, the silver mirror back first coated with a layer of mercury's blog jue214edf and then painting; and general back surface mirror is coated with a layer of aluminum to brush paint, waterproof antifogging efficiency decreased a lot, while water after Cape mirror frame easy redness, paint falls off easily. In addition, paint, printing, tempering process also affects the price of mirror.