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having the personal status

How to hold the vogue wedding of having the personal status?
1, color diversification

Because of traditional custom, the color problem of wedding banquet may be the biggest differentiation of the people and Europe and America, Japanese wedding.Mostly emphasizing of the abroad white, thinking this is a clean and pure and elegant symbol.Although the New appointee of our country also accepts gradually in recent years and like to wear a white wedding dress, the color whole of the wedding banquet is still worse and in brief say is wedding dress and wedding completely don't take to adjust.Lead into the vogue chemical element of foreign wedding, importance of isn't a certain detail, but the means and aim that does a wedding.In the wedding color, initial concept be-fusion.All props on the wedding, arrive to°from the full dress, label of wedding dress, maid of honor best man this, wedding invitation, fresh flowers color, arrive the table cloth have to all want to match.Make the felling of guest been an ocean spirit of, vogue of, comfortable of, have personal status, it make the person envy of wedding.
This not is reveal a wedding dress, must do wedding western of but completely reject a red, chirpaur.As long as you pay attention to a color to match, the Chinese wedding and western prop, clothing can blend very good.The western atmosphere implies a Chinese chemical element, the Chinese wedding takes a western design, while these are exactly majority of weddings state that the New appointees pursue.
Popular trend:Popular thin colourful wedding, party color and full dress, wedding style and topic mutually match.Discount Wedding GownsFlower petal powder, thin grass green and gingko Huang Deng the natural color greatly go its teachings.
2, two pieces type wedding

Different with the our country familiar wedding form, the wedding of west is mostly the party that the two pieces type-evening takes an oath rites and evening and take an oath rites part generally to hold in the church or the outdoors and hold party in the cabaret after;Also someone is taking an oath a location to hold an outdoor self-help meal gathering.A lot of local cabarets also starts making use of a floret park to contract for job an outdoor wedding like this now.If wedding rites the part and party part separates to see, all very perfect, have international level very much of, but the contact of two parts of if a little bit close, the effect will be better.
Popular trend:The wedding form that rites and party separate will be more popular, particularly is one among those parts to hold outdoors of increased vogue more.If have no condition to hold an outdoor wedding, make use of the wedding form that the fresh flowers, green plant creates natural atmosphere indoors will be also very good.The romance story of office

3, look for suitable wedding adviser

In the Europe and America and Japan etc. economy more flourishing nation, the marriage celebrates a company with the image of "adviser" rather than the image of"salesman" appear.They aim at need and viewpoint of New appointee to give instruction, help New appointee to do a characteristic wedding.Because the international wedding spreads leading of trend to go into with people need of continuously change, to the request of wedding by all means and more and more explicit, the New appointee of high level knows that oneself wants what, can make what.The marriage of the fast food type, fix menu in restaurant type will celebrate service to gradually be eliminated hereafter, combining the wedding that the New appointee oneself's creativity and marriage celebrate a company suggestion will be extoled.
Popular trend:Probably you should have your own wedding adviser, you can all speak to let him listen to to the dream of wedding, he will help suitable make-up man, flower arrangement teacher and party of your contact designer, will also compare the tallest wedding for your plan price according to the budget.

4, the wedding cake is fine to turn

Our wedding why learn to come to white wedding dress, champagne tower, but it happened that have never led wedding cake culture to go into?In the Europe and America, slice cake usually is the end link of wedding, after guest dance or intermittent be used as dessert edible, but not pure adornment function.Since pass by to hardly there is the link of dancing in the wedding of our country, wedding cake also the natural heat don't get up.But there are a lot of New appointees seeing the wedding as a good opportunity to is exchanges,wholesale costume jewellery
  party now, wedding social dance concept also will gradual of is passed by people, follow of will be the modern era of wedding cake.
Popular trend:Cake not number more Gao is more good, paying attention to the color of cake probably will make larger"sweet surprised pleased" while cutting down expense for you.

5, order to make full dress and order to make wedding invitation

The concept that orders to do a wedding dress believes that the New appointees have already acquainted with very much, and not a few people have already done like this as well.At some place wedding dresses sells several 100 dollar per pieces, the New appointee has the ability the wedding dress that the manufacture likes by himself/herself.But only a beautiful wedding dress most can call "the wedding is up a little bit bright", and the standard of "perfect wedding" still differ very far.Full dress of the bride's full dress, bridegroom, even best man, maid of honor and flower kid and the New appointee parents' full dress is all necessary factor that constitutes a perfect wedding.Please while making to order a wedding dress, keep in mind the information of other full dress.Make to order the concept of wedding invitation in the our country until be just released recently, but this kind of way of doing is in Japan, Taiwan already Wei however become common practice.Own oneself just for wedding design, printing of the formal invitation is a have personal status, very worth show of affair, the New appointee can print both parties' brief introduction, photograph and wedding banquet to hold a location in the formal invitation, or 1 pledge love small poem, all of this are the very romantic actions.
Popular trend:The New appointee should design his/her own wedding logo and make to order appropriative wedding wedding invitation.This then can make the wedding looked a correct type and feel also better.led grow lights