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healthy solid wood furniture

1, natural, environmental protection, healthy solid wood furniture to reveal natural and primitive beauty. Solid wood furniture is long fill do not decline, from the color analysis, because of its natural wood color. Log color furniture is natural, and no chemical pollution, Poly Bags Factorywhich is really a healthy fashion choice, with modern urban nature of psychological needs.

followed in the choice of materials, with the domestic solid wood furniture as an example, the main types: walnuts, Catalpa wood, teak, maple, beech, oak, oak, Manchurian ash, elm, poplar wood, pine, with walnut Catalpa wood, ash, beech, oak wood is most valuable. These materials from nature, reflecting the harmonious relationship between people and environment, designers love to use these materials, then add people-oriented, nature-based modern design concept, the more narrow and the material, human and natural distance, give a person a kind of intimacy.

Again, the environmental renovation of solid wood furniture is leading the market. Solid wood furniture in the manufacture process,Office Furniture Limitedand those of wood-based panel furniture, resin content is considerably less. With the quantity of the glue of furniture environmental level.

In 2, long service life. Panel furniture service life of 3-5. Solid wood furniture plate furniture service life is more than 5 times.

3, solid wood furniture store of value function. At the same time can give home furnishing environment bring warm" wood gas", so popular in the high-end consumers. It has the advantages of the embodied nature: natural textures, changing shape, the furniture surface generally can see the wood with beautiful patterns.

4, solid wood furniture has its own unique style of solid wood furniture raw materials from natural, natural essence in one, show the real wood furniture unique taste: high-grade, thick, the long history of traditional Chinese culture and modern fashion elements of the combination, in furniture design, furniture gifted new connotation, furniture design a more humane, practical, modern solid wood furniture, to create a new style,Medosan leading the new wave of furniture.