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Hot sauna days what the health drink

Sustained high temperatures, really a bit too much, not willing to go out during the day, often this time will feel very happy, can be put to work, once occupied go out, after coming home, will sweat tears, think of those who often need to work out who really like you.However,coriolus versicolor at the same time can not help but think of their health, sweating a, body is easy to dehydration, then there should be lots of water to avoid body fluid concentration. Many studies have confirmed, during water shortages, human fatigue, difficulty concentrating, work ability was significantly decreased. For older people, lack of water or many episodes of disease causes.

However, Khan inside the composition is very complex, the addition of water, sodium, potassium, and calcium, magnesium and other minerals, many kinds of vitamin B and vitamin C, as well as a small amount of amino acid and soluble protein. -- sweat easily fermented stink, because one of the proteins and vitamins for bacteria to provide adequate nutrition. Although from the sweat loss in protein is not a lot, however, other minerals and vitamins are trace substances, in the diet was easy to feel inadequate, if again from the sweat of escape, will inevitably aggravate malnutrition problems, make people in the summer feeling tired, irritable, decreased body resistance.

But, we should choose what kind of drink daily, LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ckcan quickly replenish moisture, and can add all these nutrients?

Have a look first white boiling water, pure water and mineral water. They can really make water quickly into the body, but it lowers the concentration of electrolytes in blood, reduce the osmotic pressure, the result is rapid moisture into the sweat and urine excreted, and take a variety of nutrients. Obviously, if only with water as a beverage, sweating a lot of time, other nutrients easily deficiency, and can help keep the internal moisture.

Then have a look on the street a variety of sweet drinks. Almost all of these drinks containing sugar, in which the low sugar sugar3~6%, who generally sweet sugar10%.

Among the many varieties of the addition of vitamin C. However, almost all of them do not contain vitamin B, and the metabolism of sugar in the body needs to consume the vitamin B. Therefore,baby wholesale clothing a large number of drinking the sweet drinks, or even exacerbate the problem of a lack of vitamin B group. This kind of beverage in the mineral content is insufficient, excessive sweating, potassium and calcium are prone to a lack of.