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identification of jade

The three identification of jade
Leaflets said by a look, two photos, three touch to identify jade material. Look at that tree, according as permeability, feel that sense of touch wenrun.

Lobular took a small flashlight, the direct light shone on a few different jade tree of the white part on the degree of permeability, higher light up the scattered halo. In general, jade tree of the color to be false, but absolutely not make false sense of vision. So buy jade tree must shine the flashlight.plastic bags

In addition, prevent weathering is the collection of jade tree must pay special attention to the local. According to the leaflet, and jade, jade tree of the biggest" defect" is easily weathered, therefore, leaflets to remind jade tree and not placed in the sun, the best placed within the interior of the glass display cabinet.

Jade tree classification
According to the jade can be classified as white material, green materials, brittle materials, dry, water stone, insect material such as six categories, which colour is partial to emerald green material and insect feeding the most rare precious.
White material: texture is relatively transparent, high hardness, water full, rich colors, common white, yellow, red, black, purple. From quality of a material, white material concentration in the jade tree of the most essential part of the.
Green materials: white material has a green or green tree of jade, its special transparent texture delicate, water and moisturized, dark green color bright, bright ice, its hardness and density and jade are very similar.
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Brittle material: texture with a delicate, water plump, and rings clear, realistic trees trees fiber, texture is very beautiful, color, usually yellow, red, white etc..

Material: high density, strong toughness, the degree of permeability and water just a little bit worse than white material. Unique, ancient vicissitudes tree, gnarled bark lifelike. Dry skin with yellow, white, grey, red, black, tree heart to Chu, ash, wherein the epidermis and tree heart red as the expensive, more red in the higher grade.
Water stone: tree of jade in the stream, through the water, sediment or ice scouring of the months and years pass by. Impact, removal of loose layer formed on its surface, and a thin layer of, smooth as a mirror of the patina.

The worm feedstuff : that is, a piece of jade tree is adhered on one or more of the insect or other animal fossil.