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Large drill


At present the large drill has become the Hangzhou woman's new favorite, even if must spend on six figure prices for this reason, these women are not lenient. Less than 1.5 carat diamonds, because the stone cutting, and so on is quite only good,taylor made suits the price also takes above 100,000 Yuan. For instance hundred big have sold one 1.3 carats drilled the barren woman abstention, the selling price have also amounted to 107,300 Yuan. Therefore this period of time, because the large drill is favored, causes the Hangzhou some gold market greatly monofrequent presently, hundreds of thousands Yuan bills can bump into frequently, 3,500,000 Yuan bills also have.

On behalf of the national jewelry profession highest carving level's super craftmanship prize work, “the royal cart” the water shell jewelry branch meeting place, super craftmanship prize founder Austria crag gentleman also will be explaining same time the scene for the resident work jade carving highly respected person the mysterious place.south sea pearlwhat especially is worth mentioning, the seventh session of museum of cultural relics will be able to swim the shell jewelry branch meeting place 5 days to offer one entirely new super carat to drill the luxurious exhibition continuously, the total will achieve 500. Pink color diamond, but also has red, yellow, blue, green, purple and so on each kind of natural luster colored diamond, will gather the colorful color rainbow to offer together with Taiwan reflects, lets you feel the nature the mysterious strength, the diamond to be radiantly magnificent and to be precious fully.

In order to alleviate the diamond balanced revenues and expenditures pressure, the global most large drill semifinished product supplier wears the Bills company (DTC) to announce that from November 15, surrenders to the state the global diamond wholesale price comprehensively, the increase scope reaches as high as 8%. Reporter visits Hangzhou city diamond jewelry market to discover that the diamond price still had not adjusted at present, many professionals indicated that the diamond price influence estimate must only then appear to next year.

Particularly worth mentioning is that the water shell jewelry seventh Fair for 5 days at the venue will offer a spectacular super-carat diamond luxury development, the total will reach 500. Pink diamonds, as well as red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colored diamonds natural color, will be converging to a colorful rainbow with Taiwan to the map,Choose plate heat exchanger so that you fully feel the magic of nature, diamonds bright beautiful and valuable.

With gold and silver skyrocketing this year compared to the diamond this year's increase is much lower, but the long term, diamond prices have always been a steady growth, the current average rate of return on investment diamonds generally stable at 3% to 5%, different the magnitude of the appreciation of the quality of the diamonds are not the same, high-quality diamonds rose even more. Shanghai Diamond Exchange Center from the data that year after year by the international diamond prices increase the impact of individual varieties of the past two years the domestic wholesale price of diamonds has risen nearly 30%, only in the spring, the diamond wholesale price rose to 5% across the board.