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largest mobile social network

The world's largest mobile social network Voxer analysis
Mobile application using Voxer is very simple, the user only need three steps:
1, download the application;

2, create a new account or use the Facebook account login;
In 3, the application and mobile phone mail list or Facebook synchronization -- and then friends and private chat chat.

Have a look Voxer characteristics:Email Marketing
In 1, Voxer interface similar to the style of the text message, the user hold down the "Hold and Talk" ( call) button fast recording a voice message to a friend.

2, the user can real time listening friend sent is the recorded message, also can send a text message.

3, a Chinese version of Voxer has also been in China application of Apple stores, in the official presentation, declaring that " real-time intercom faster than QQ".

By 4, through the Android user and iOS platform user generated" network effect",
Voxer vice president Gustaf al strom ( Gustaf Alstromer ) for mobile application startups, distribution channel has been one of the biggest problems, but the Apple App store and Google Android market is a good solution to this problem,
iPhone Application developmentlet the application developers have hitherto unknown platform excellent.

Al storm Voxer earlier this month launched version of Android, through the iPhone user and Android mobile phone users barriers between, Android downloads exploded.

Voxer Android mobile phone user number could be in the next few months more than iPhone users.

In 5, Voxer users on the mobile phone mail list utilization rate is much higher than Facebook.

Finally, Voxer competitive products, HeyTell and TalkBox etc.
From the Voxer realization function, Voxer competitive products from various types of real-time chat IM mobile applications to do specialized intercom applications, such as Kik are competitive products.