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LED electronics

The LED electronics shows to hold to apply ten greatest realms
LED electronics shows to hold in the our country and develop pretty much and quickly, now our country of LED business enterprise amount at present straight line soar.The LED foreground is also widespreadly been optimistic about.The applied realm is numerous, will certainly carry out huge profits for business enterprise.LED shows to hold of application main in some regular places.But don't expel to walk into thousand in the future ten thousand possibilities.
LED is shown to hold a main application which realms currently
A, certificate 劵 trade postled lighting residential
LED of this realm shows to hold to have several years ago local LED showed to hold above 50% of demand, still show to hold for LED currently of main need profession.Shanghai stock exchange and Shenzhen the stock exchange and national around ten thousand stock certificates in the house, financial business organization extensively used LED to show to hold.
Two, the airport's service dynamic state information show
Say for the airport, the information of service of the displaying of cleaning of exactitude to traveller is to the pass is important.But LED show to hold to satisfy this request.A lot of airports all adoptedled home lighting to show to hold now.
Three, port, station the traveller guide an information to show
With LED shows to hold for the information system and broadcasting system, railroad train of corpus goes to hair to announce to public system, and tickets information system...etc. to constitute the automation of passenger transportation vital point together, the station in Peking, the west of Peking station, the south Chang local and important train stations, such as station and Dalian harbor...etc. and ports all installed the product and system for providing in the local factory house.
Four, the stadium building information show
LED shows to hold to have already replaced traditional lamp bulb and CRT to show to hold, 43 a life time Ping match main athletics center in place Tienjin adopt whole domestic colorful video frequency LEDs to show to hold for the very first time and is subjected to universal good opinion, many local and important stadium buildings in the Shanghai athletics center, and Dalian stadium...etc. adopt LED to show to hold one after another to is the main means that the information shows.
Five, the road transportation information show
The rise of the intelligence transportation system( ITS), in the realms, such as city transportation and superhighway...etc., LED shows to hold to is a variable intelligence report plank, limit to soon mark etc., act for a foreign same kind product, get an universal adoption.
Six, adjust one degree commanding center information to show
The electric power adjusts a degree, vehicle dynamic state to follow, the vehicle keys up one degree management etc. and also shows to hold in12 volt led lighting that gradually adopts a high definition.
Seven, business publicity and information of postal service, telecommunication, etc. service realm in market shopping center show
The service realm that spreads all over a whole country has domestic LED shows to hold to show in the information that the aspect produces result.
Eight, the advertisement medium new product
In addition to the one is large and indoor, outdoor show to hold to be used as advertisement medium, a little bit local cities appeared to gather a group of LEDs to show to hold advertisement system;Railroad train LED shows to hold an advertisement to release system also already in the whole country several row traveller railroad train up get an adoption to combine is expanding.
Nine, performance and catcall
Large show to hold to more and more and widespreadly used for the video frequency of public and political purpose to broadcast live, such as at our country found a nation 850 anniversary celebration ceremonies in 50 anniversary Ta-ching, American presidential election and Moscow and Japan NAGANNO winter Olympic Games, Poland Pope's interview, Brazil carnival and world-wide locations of new thousand years celebration ceremony.Large showed to hold to increase an art in these festivals of influence, also solidified people while broadcasting advertisement and information.
Ten, exhibition and leasing
In many expositions,led lighting designshows big screen Be exhibit the organizer provides of one of the important service contentses, to join the exhibition a company to provide Chang service, the abroad has some bigger LED the professional sex leasing company of the big screen, also some manufacturers with bigger scales provide leasing service.