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LED enterprises into loss

Beautiful days before long, these small and medium-sized LED enterprises into loss. Statistics, there are currently nine into LED enterprise losses. Small owners in the past year like riding a roller coaster -- at the end of last year also full of confidence, in March of this year, prices fall line.
Rare earth price inflation, associated with fluorescent powder for almost a day. Fluorescent powder is energy-saving lamps and LED essential material. The ancient town of Eliya lighting a statistical clerk was surprised to see, fluorescent powder price from March every kilograms 300 yuan, a rise in August to nearly $3000, less than half a year, up nearly10 timesA19 LED Light Bulb dab4d52ck At present the price has fallen, but still is in every kilograms 1700 yuan of right-and-left perch.
NVC 's spokesman, over the past year, and the lighting industry is closely related to the various types of raw materials prices continued to rise, copper, iron, aluminum and other metal materials price fluctuation of certain growth in. Energy saving lamps required electronic components are up about 10% this year.
The artificial cost, logistics costs are rising. The clerk said in the statistics, since this year, the factory has been to raise wages by around 15%.
Eliya lighting sales director Qi Jun said, because the cost of the zoom, manufacturers have to raise prices, customers can not accept, direct cause sales volume glides continuously. Eliya lighting has been more than 10 years of exports, but as this year's export volume fell into three or four cases had never met. Eliya lighting industry is a microcosm of.
NVC spokesman also said, the vast majority of Chinese enterprises are still in light of labor-intensive stages, the "low quality" is a lot of lighting companies in foreign markets " killer mace". However, influenced by the appreciation of the renminbi, to maintain the same price bottom line, the use of foreign currency to sign export product prices will increase, which will weaken the price competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, the export predicament.
The case of the mainland equally worrying, LED lighting prices are diving. Qi Jun said, "at the end of last year, I from the town market to pick out some3 Watt LED ceiling lamp to Shandong, then each to 20 yuan, in July this year, as long as 12 yuan."
The LED market is still small, due to higher energy saving lamp several times the expensive price, in the civilian aspects of the market did not open, the more was used for government projects landscape lighting. Foshan Nanhai District recently introduced approach, the LED demonstration project maximum benefit 3000000 yuan. The consultant senior researcher He Zaihua said," a large number of LED enterprise trust in government high subsidies for market expansion, if the plane to various preferential policies and subsidies, ipazzport bluetooth keyboard industry profitability worrying."
Once a year the town lights Fair is about to begin, this is the" golden nine silver ten" season last sprint opportunity, but seven army are not optimistic.