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LED gets into peak

LED gets into peak season the company start with the lighting forthcoming
The company uses the start that the led illuminates, will become the driving force of local LED industrial upgrading.LED Ceiling Light

The productivity of low level LED in the world will gradually transfer to domestic in the meantime, industry each link of chain all and significantly expands to produce, and the part once exists hot risk.The perpendicular integration inside the profession turns worse.LED Ceiling Light

Invest important point:
The price bottom of LED flood lightLED product's going is a long-term trend.Among them, high level LED reduces price range and is bigger than a medium low level product.LED reduces price to contribute to a further opening widely of the market.

The LED company uses lighting to quickly start.LED illuminates the function of product to promote(radiation, life span) descended to all lower LED to illuminate with price of purchase and use cost, and soaring of electricity charges, the LED lighting takes back cost through a stanza electricity time needed obviously shorten.Place LED that illuminates time for longer than 2000 hours in the year currently is getting more economic than the tradition economy energy light and illuminate time more long, LED spot lightLED advantage of the product is more obvious.
LED flood light

Global industrial upgrading, wins a low level productivity will transfer to domestic.The LED business enterprises of Taiwan, Korea region pass the price war military advance high level LED realm, and the Europe and America, Japanese business enterprise forms fierce competition.The medium low level productivities of Taiwan and Korea region are taken out to leave, and transfer to domestic.Three support an expanding of increasing of business enterprise and local business enterprise to produce the transfering of low level productivity in the common completion, our country LED the business enterprise face opportunity, the chip business enterprise is at most subjected to a benefit.

Upper stream chip productivity whether the excess still keeps showing doubt.The equipments gearing that the 10 years local business enterprise orders is as slower as the progress that the hurl produces, the actual productivity increases away below programming scale;The lately- got into business enterprise all exists a difficulty in the development, production and sales;
LED strip lightThe medium low level productivity transfers to bring a huge need to the domestic.

The local LED business enterprise actively carries on perpendicular integration.Because the company uses an illuminative start, the local LED business enterprise sets foot in the downstream lighting product in succession, the downstream business enterprise then actively integrates to seal to pack link.From in downstream military advance upper stream of the chip manufacturing exist technique difficulty.

The domestic LED equipments acquires a development opportunity.Producing the equipments is LED the profession extends of bottleneck.

Under the situation of equipments supply falls short of demand, part of domestic LED equipmentses because cost advantage and local market advantage, but acquire LED the approbation of the business enterprise, along with the extending of LED industry, the market quota of domestic equipments will quickly extend.
LED spot light

Invest a suggestion
LED strip light:Be optimistic about the chip business enterprise and equipments business enterprise of upper stream.The point concern has technique advantage and delivers advantage first of blue and green light LED chip business enterprise, the point pay attention to LED equipments business enterprise.Pay attention to an industry chain to integrate more complete group leader business enterprise, the short-term concern is subjected to a benefit to use an illuminative business enterprise at the company, over a long period of time concern production household-use LED illuminate the business enterprise of product.

The risk hints:LED is in general use lighting of permeating and leading not equal to expectation.The whole industry chain all and significantly expands to produce, the part exists the risk of productivity excess.In the short run, the LED chip,LED tube light
LED tube lightspare part once reduced price quickly, the gross profit leads a significant fall.