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Like what are you looking at what


" Now, digital TV, want to see how you look at it, completely subvert the people previous passive viewing habits. " September 20th morning, accompanied by staff to explain, reporters in Hebei radio and TV network group new business, new business experience exhibition site, to experience the HD VOD, time shifting look back, face, video telephone, body feeling game and a number of new business.

" Overtime, travel or the party missed wants to watch on TV, such as television replay previously only, now just by looking back at the video function, the user is using the DVD, you can pause or back, again just missed the wonderful program, also can be in the past 7 days program to watch, can also be scheduled recording within 7 days of the program. " Hebei radio and TV network group staff told reporters, but also through video on demand, dvd to ipad dab8d28ck want to see what the program is what program. Now the VOD service and CNTV ( China network television ) on demand service, integrated the domestic mainstream programming platform the content rich and colorful, the latest 3D tracts, the hit television drama, hot news, wonderful variety show, major international and domestic competitions, massive information, remote Masters education guidance and so on, can be is said to have everything that one expects to find. " For the pursuit of high quality of life of users, a simple configuration of audio, home theater level can enjoy the visual feast. "

Prime time will no longer " grab" remote control

" Face business relies on the cable television network ZFi wireless coverage technology, realize the cable to the intelligent mobile phone, computer, notebook computer and other terminal push, not only at home everywhere is free to watch, also can be in shopping malls, airports, railway stations and other public places to watch. " In the face of business exhibition area, the reporter in the help of staff, through simple operation iPad, iPhone, immediately make playing TV show " fly" to the mobile terminal, copy movie to ipod mobile watch everywhere.

According to staff, face business will also meet the whole family of different viewing habits, on different terminals play to meet the individual needs of TV programs, avoid the prime time " grab" remote embarrassing situations.

In the body feeling game experience area, the hands of the remote control transforming into table tennis, basketball, tennis, bowling and other sports equipment, as long as the swinging the remote controller, it can be a variety of sports. " The reader through TV screen body changes to imitate the real scene, not only exercise, entertainment two no mistake, and well built harmonious family atmosphere. "

TV remote control can also be mobile phone make

" The remote controller, can call SMS, mobile phone function. " The staff tell reporter, television remote control integrated mobile phone business is remote and mobile phone functions are integrated together, the realization of remote mobile phone call function, corresponding to the multimedia terminal, integrated television remote control service is that users can use mobile phone, computer and multimedia terminal TV remote control, realize TV channel operation.

By the end of in the 11 city to promote bidirectional interaction service

Reportedly, the new interactive business, including film and television drama, HD VOD VOD, look back at the recording, interactive games, there are a number of two-way business, such as the face, as well as the value-added telecommunications business.

According to Hebei radio and TV network group responsible person, the bidirectional interaction service is currently in Shijiazhuang, Handan, Langfang, Chengde 4 city launched before the end of the year, 11 municipalities Wireless keyboard and districts will be a promotion. The province's face business platform being built, the first half of 2013 is expected to push to the market. IP video phone service will be based on the national network integration requirements, in the first pilot city pilot, when conditions are ripe in the promotion.