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love didn't hurt

The love didn't hurt,
It hurt that and then isn't love.
Want to know, both so and sincerely love each other, again what come of injury?
The human nature is originally kind
Not was going to record to hate those to once hurt own person,
Because of him 《she 》 was deeply hurt as well.
The woman always says the man is bad, heartless and cold-blooded
The man also always says the woman is bad and heartless to have no righteousnesswholesale jewellery
It is all wrong.
Everybody is from the pure beginning
Just this world strange combination of circumstances lets pure of run into maimed
So the tragedy that just makes these loves been now present to public
Not is going to hate who, also not want to blame and scold who who who
The back of each heartless person all has a story of pledge of eternal love
We were to get hurt
We drive hethe person played with
Want to know, those injury own person
Hesuffered from of wound, of affirmation than oneself now still want deeply
Heof all of hearts are very weak, Be just surface to pack very strongly, very heartless just

If everyone all because of once get hurt but the cold blood is heartless, depravity from so and finally get hurt of be still oneself
May also because own cold blood is heartless, but miss to sincerely love own person
Friends, all in the past make it past
Don't hate, don't be degenerative and don't even be hurting him
We want to face by the best mindset and tolerate
Loving like this just can with the abyss of time

Want ~only the conviction that oneself's in the mind has he or she's love
That, affirmation is in the world|oneself nearby a certain place
Also have similar to you conviction of he

Love to need to be trustedCable ManufacturerLove to need to be respectedLove to need to be tolerated
Love demand conviction
Calculate own love to can not get a response, but oneself to the loving persistence, remain existence.
Loving will be eternal of, as long as we all get in touch with with the most sincere heart.Love how meeting not the abyss of time?
Don't be sad, the true love have no sorrow and didn't hurt.
Don't love, is don't borrow oscular.Lent, could explain you of that isn't the love.
The loving strength can break customs of a but

End and Valentine's Day in today in, wish in the world so of the loverses all can be happy happy.led lighting manufacturers
Don't be deducing a sorrow, cherished each other.
Wishing of sincerity:Happy everyone Valentine's Day.