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Low pressure


Now you're on your way, pick a new geometry corresponding to your new ("actual") area, check the velocity and pressure drop, calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient again.  How does it compare with the previously calculated value?  If it is not within 5-10%,plate type heat exchanger recalculate the process over and over (using your new value for Uo) until it does!  Sounds like alot of work.  Add in the fact that some of the individual heat transfer coefficients require iterative solutions and it's not hard to see why people usually use a complex spreadsheet or a program to do this.  You can save some time by using estimates that you've undoubtedly seen, however you must realize that each time you estimate, you're losing accuracy.

The heat transfer is divided two stages to carry on. The first stage, the steam body passes goes too far the check, passes to the fire check the quantity of heat to store. The second stage, the air conditioning body passes goes too far the check, accepts the quantity of heat which the fire check deposits to heat up. These two stages carry on alternately. Usually uses alternately with two heat accumulators, namely, when the steam body enters one, the air conditioning body enters another one. Commonly used in the metallurgical industry, like steel-making open hearth furnace's heat accumulator.golden south sea pearl Also uses in the chemical industry, like in gas stove's air pre-heater or combustion chamber, in Synthetic petroleum plant regeneration type cracking furnace.

Jet-type heat interchanger in this kind of equipment, causes the pressure high fluid by the nozzle blowout, forms the very high speed, the low pressure fluid is introduced the mixture chamber and the jet flow immediate contact carries on the heat transfer,tahitian pearl and one with enters the expanding duct, after the expanding duct export achieves the identical pressure and the temperature gives the user.

Regeneration type heat interchanger the regeneration type heat interchanger uses in carrying on the regeneration type heat transfer the equipment. The internal installation solid filling material, with stores the quantity of heat. (Sometimes generally and so on builds the fire check with the refractory brick to use metal profile belt and so on).

Defining zones is one of the most important aspects of heat exchanger design.  It is also important to remember that if your process simulator does not support zoned analysis (such as Chemcad III), you should model each zone with a separate heat exchanger.  Thus,jewelry factory the previous illustration would require 3 heat exchangers in the simulation.  BUT, do not draw 3 exchangers on your PFD (Process Flow Diagram).  This is all happening in one exchanger.