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material of highly toxic

Net exposure cigarette filter material of highly toxic
In recent days, the network is entitled" we soon quit smoking! Inside information is absolutely reliable" net post, caused the attention of broad netizen. In this regard, tobacco fields relevant personage expresses, our country tobacco additive component of excessive and opaque, calls for tobacco enterprises should respond to the public questioned.
" To hide the secret for ten years"
The net posts in known, acer tabletone in the production of tobacco industry friends, recently revealed by the tobacco industry to conceal the secret for ten years: the domestic tobacco industry in order to reduce the cost of production, the original filter material replacement. The previous filter filler is wood fiber, the price is higher, but harmless to the human body, and the filtering effect is comparatively good. The filter material is used instead of polypropylene. It is non-toxic, but it through chemical and physical treatment after pulling into filaments, looks the same as before, but there will be a lot of invisible fine filaments in smoking will be aspirated into the lungs.Micro-blog users" mysterious unique life" said:" this is a good topic, but smoking is not what I do everything in one's power, the government know smoking is harmful to health, but allows the production of sales; smokers know smoking is harmful to health, but spared no expense to purchase, use, it is perplexing. "
The original filter so poisonous?
In addition, the online user also disclosed that said: in order to let the consumer looks not to come out. They also added binder fiber. Because very sticky cannot produce, then joined the diluent. Workshop production workers have a dizzy, nausea, vomiting. Imagine the aspiration of people how to meet? Filter tip cigarette when in connection, because the plastic easy sticking knife, not good cutting. They are usually in the blade with silicone oil, which is a kind of carcinogen.
The researchers believe, cigarette filter tips, the suction resistance is greatly increased, the more toxic substances. Such as carbon monoxide, benzopyrene etc. are in the course of smoking tobacco, due to incomplete combustion of organic substances generated when smoking, pumping resistance is more sufficient combustion, oxygen, is incomplete, toxic substances in the production are more and more.
In addition, scientific research departments found by determining their brands at home and abroad, the filter tip of the cigarette wrapper paper ( orange paper ), contains some toxic heavy metal lead and chromium. Determination of the content of greater than that before, suction aspiration after the content, that is to say, there is a part of harmful heavy metals with mainstream smoke inhalation of the human body or with side stream smoke blowing in the environment.
Call for tobacco enterprises timely response
Of injury prevention and control committee, vice chairman of Wu Yiqun of vice director of Research Center for health development, the net post is not the first time that circulated on the Internet and attention,motorola xoom a few years ago she had seen relevant reports, but so far the tobacco companies did not give the explanation, calls for National Tobacco departments and timely respond to public concerns in tobacco enterprises.
Wu Yiqun also said, is not just a tobacco filter problem worthy of attention of smokers, cigarette smoke and tar content is also worth attention. Tobacco smoke is too complex, no one can figure out which thousands of chemicals is what, the harmful composition which to have. In addition, according to the survey, 86% of Chinese people to" low tar is low hazard " views of lack of awareness.
China is the world's leading tobacco production and consumption country, the number of smokers in about 300000000, the highest in the world. Every year, about 1200000 people die because of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke and lead to disease.
htc flyerIn 2003 China became" the Framework Convention on tobacco control" seventy-seventh signatories.