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material production line

The main function of PVC plank material production line
●PVC freely the hair steep plank material, have soundproof, absorb a sound and separate hot, heat preservation etc. function.

●PVC the hair steep plank plank the quality have the Zu Ran, ability from extinguish worry a fire not, can be safe usage.

●PVC the hair bubble each series of plank products all have the function to defend tide, defend mildewed and don't absorb water,HTPC Keyboardand the quakeproof is effective.

●PVC hair bubble each series of plank product after bearing and waiting formula to make into, its color and luster can last long constantly, not easily aging.

●PVC the hair steep the plank quality is light and keep luck and start construction convenience.Water slide

●PVC the hair steep the plank use a general timber to process tool to start construction.

●PVC hair's steeping plank can be like timber carry on drill, saw, nail, plane, gluing etc. process.

●PVC hair bubble the plank applicably model at the heat,
Plastic woodheat flection and fold to process.

●PVC hair bubble plank can according to generally welding procedure to weld, may also glue with other PVC materials to answer.

●PVC the hair steep plank its surface is smooth, as well print.(Need to wipe clean surface before printing).The use categorizes:The transportation industry steamer, airplane and passenger car, train car compartment and crest Peng, the Xiang body Xin layer and inner part decorates to use plank.The building decorates the industry wall plank outside the building, inside the adornment is used plank and hanged a plank with the adornment,
Playground equipment white room with the plank, residence and office, public place building box stall and company.Advertise an industry net plank the printing and computer engrave the word, advertisement mark card, exhibition plank and sign to use plank.Industrial application chemical engineering industry antisepsis engineering, hot model a piece, cold database to use plank, special protect a cold engineering, environmental protection to use plank.

●PVC the hair bubble plank other uses:the template, exercise machine and farming is defended tide facilities, born water to use a material, beautiful work material with the material, seashore, various easy and convenient separate plank.

PVC freely delivers bubble plank physical function index sign table a:Examine item unit examination result form view density g|cm 30.5-0.8 pull to stretch strength MPa 12-20 flection strength MPa 12-18 bent flexible mold quantity
Cable ManufacturerMPa 800-900 pound at strength KJ|m 28-15 examination item unit the examination split an elongation rate as a result%15-2045-50 absorb water sex% ≥ 1.5 Wei cards soften a point ℃73-76 Zu Rans leave fire from extinguish less than 5