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most beautiful tender

Do not disturb, is my most beautiful tender
Night cool breeze comes up with, the room, light yellow, my face every being has dyed sad upset. Once again, I hold her arms, through the window, gazing at the round moon, seems I am waiting for dawn, pierce the walls of my heart, released from the expectations of you. His emotion in pianos melody as water waves ripple the general usage of rambling apart,johnson baby shampoo think you, always. I the most pure and complicated mood. Even memory is always with some sorrow taste, but they always firmly remember ever got.

Now, you want to read, I would use a calm and easy yet utterly devoted to interpret their own mournful but not distressing mood, maybe I will because of loneliness and red eyes, and also because of the warm memories smile. At this time, sentimental but sane introspective thoughts with" how to sing love songs" prelude, music blossom gentle, freehand the picture talk, nostalgia, was a miss! Memories of the little moved, silk nostalgic, uncover the memory left, I stand on the old place to recall the time away ... ...

Am I cling to your love and care, thinking of you, let you every night to shine in my heart, will comfort me and surge. Thinking of you give my gentleness, static white face opening gentle smile; think of your warm comfort, forget the night lonely, like the dark corner covertly suddenly has a light, they would not be dismayed; think of you for my love, like the winter snow in general have a fire can make I warm.
Let me how to thank you! When I move toward you, I want to keep a grass, you gave me the green; I wanted to have a flower, but you gave me the whole lotus; I wanted to kiss a snowflake, but you gave me the snow; I wanted to taste a kumquat, you gave me the whole orchard;
JOHNSON ShampooI wanted to pick a Shu Juhua, but you gave me the whole garden; I wanted to collect a maple leaf, you gave me the whole fenglin. So, you have become a abide by the beautiful scenery in my heart! My heart is not alone, because the love in my heart. Those bright days, will let myself be a quiet beautiful woman ... ...

The summer under the oblique sun, flowers happy I, heart with the meet and throbbing, those embedded in a word or two sentences is the heart, heart palpitations, also. Beautiful sunset, blooming time, we understand each other's happiness and sadness, happiness and wonderful, pass by the heart of that kind of feeling, is love, is love, is a kind of have to think of obsession. Then, I fell in love with the rays of the setting sun, nostalgia enveloped the sky on the layer of orange red halo. They will often stand in the river, enjoying the sunset falls, at the long, feel the breeze gentle refreshing, listen to voice croon. Do you still remember, we together in the river behind the laughter? Do you still remember, we were watching the sunset when the Xiangyixiangwei elongated with image?

You see, the sun is suspended above the clouds, luster, layer upon layer of clouds have been dyed bright, shining, like a burning flame. The end of the sky, the sky would be in the junction, disturbed by the surging river flows, the rosy clouds, glittering. Yunhai next, revealing a lonely deep twilight. Twilight, I seriously measure their footsteps,
L-CarnitineI thought that I could walk along our former footprint, find out, I can't find the imprint as like as two peas, like, I do not know in your heart which position! I couldn't help laughing, how could I be so stubbornly rely on you to fatal once!" Don't forget you borrow my promise, don't forget you are still my heart urchin. You have to know how to love yourself, take good care of yourself!" Never return you, cherish the reminds me. When you leave, who is doing who dream, love is like next little snow, solo, lonely!

For your parting words, I want to let the time extension, like forever! So I can always have your love. Slow I miss space constantly wandering, and the distance between us is more and more obvious, constantly reminded me of the boundaries of reality. Carefully as I, want to let our love lasting, can I catch you, in the imaginary space themselves constantly dazed, those cool picture always clear, even close your eyes, I will not reject you, on my mind constantly refused to lose, love surround you, every time back and missed the point of your world, I have no time with your silence, but you let my heart grievances to the limit, measure your heart straight to my heart, have no chance of crossing!