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National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University pioneered the LED spectra combined cultivation of Cordyceps militaris

Alias "North Cordyceps Cordyceps sinensis belong" and medicinal fungi, Taiwan university has successfully developed a LED cultivation technology of incandescent lamp, only need1/ 8 power consumption,T8 LED lamp can cultivate Cordyceps militaris, in oil and electricity double up on the occasion of greatly reduced the cost of production.

The research results have been transferred to the new technology of biological science and technology, the global market sales prediction will be more than 600000000 yuan ( NT, similarly hereinafter ).

" North Cordyceps sinensis population" is one of breed, because the function of Cordyceps militaris and fairly, and every kilogram price is about 20000 yuan, than a kilogram to700000 yuan Cordyceps low many, become the international herb research focus.

University R & D of Cordyceps militaris cultivation techniques, to identify the most suitable for the growth of Cordyceps militaris link LED spectrum combination, improve the North Cordyceps fruiting body with cordycepin ( cordycepin ) double output.

University College of biological science and technology Dean Xu Taihao said, household incandescent bulb is full spectrum,Health Supplement dcb4a51kk culture needs 55 days; LED bulb can be based on the growth of Cordyceps militaris stage, applied to different colors and wavelengths, only need 35days to mature mycelial.