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Office furniture maintain seven big taboo

A, do not in handling drag hard pull, should carry light light put; When being placed should put firm, if uneven ground, to leg of cushion to prevent damage SunYan structure;

Second, don't will furniture in sunlight,  webber manufacturer also avoid is put too dry place, to prevent timber cracking deformation;

Three, don't will furniture is put very wet, lest meet wet wood inflation, long is bad, the drawer is also will pull don't open;

Four, don't in the wardrobe, the furniture such as the top heavy pressure, in order to avoid the cupboard door out, the cupboard door shut lax; Clothing also avoid piled up too much, avoid is more than cupboard door, in case of cupboard door deformation;

Five, don't wash with water or use is made of plywood cloth to wipe furniture, avoid by all means is on the defiled soak, prevent splint come loose glue or come unglued;

Six, don't use and the furniture paint color different pigment and putty mix the embedded furniture crack plugging flat, lest leave scar;

Seven, don't with buck  neize225dw