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Pacific Asia region

Hu Jintao points out that being a Pacific Asia region is the most important of the economy cooperates a mechanism, the Pacific Asia should invest new situation according to the international economic development and the trade through matching organization and develop a special function in the aspects of supporting each member to change economy developing method, deepening economic integral whole in the district to turn.

(A)push forward trade and investment liberalism convenience to turn completely.Deepen a global supply chain cooperation, strengthen an infrastructure inside the district to unite mutual communication and network to turn construction with each other.The policy environment that the perfect small and medium enterprises develop pushes small and medium enterprises to participate in a global industry chain.Develop a government function, construct the environment of encouraging the innovation, American announcementperfect technique innovation system, enlarge development devotion, strengthen technique cooperation and technique to turn to let, raise each member creative ability.In the meantime, push forward local area trade and investment liberalism convenience to turn completely, deepen economic integral whole in the district to turn, strengthen an economic technique cooperation, carry out each member to develop prosperity together.
(Two)deepen green growth cooperation in the Pacific Asia region.Give attention to both a flourishing member state of the nation that is different from the member in the development and difference treatment, steady lower an environment product of tariff and non- tariff barracks.Strengthening forest in the Pacific Asia region can keep on instauration and management, should to the weather variety.The common stability energy waits to greatly believe in merchandise price, guarantees energy needs in all countries and supports the energy market normal order.Improve energy structure, strengthen an advanced energy technique development and expansion, devote major efforts to develop to sweep and can renewable energy.Strengthen new energy with can the renewable energy, economy energy reduce a row, circulation economy, Mankind expeditionraise ability effect etc. the realm is international to cooperate.

(Three)strengthen economic structure reform and rules and regulations to cooperate.Strengthen economic structure to reform a point realm cooperation, continuously promote a district economic competitiveness.Pacific Asia should particularly develop ability construction and experience to communicate to wait an activity through matching organization
Mankind expedition the push constructs in the local area vibrant, rich efficient, open, be advantageous to the policy environment of trade and investment development more.