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Product composition


Solid knowledge of designers inHong Kong Company of the benefits and convenience the packaging design before starting the planning already know; packaging is dependent on package import landscaping on the three-dimensional graphic design is the visual image of the external packaging in which goods can be imported into the relevant text, product images, product origin and visual representatives of elements of the image. Some packaging surface itself is a reflection of the performance of commodity information,Tin Boxes but as the basic package; six sides concerned, it is the image of local performance.

Similarly, the design of the container label, a label not only focus on the design, but also concerned about the shape of the container labels, stickers and the relationship between labels. So into the visual design of packaging in some respects and somewhat similar to advertising design. And it also noted that other aspects, the entire package to form a whole.

First, the design of the main display surface if a carton has six faces, typically need to design five sides (the underside of the design is very low relative level). A container with one to three labels, up to five or six. Between them are not treated equally, with the different exhibition area, in order to attract the attention of consumers, and to decide which of the major development of surface design. Major developable surface is the most to consumers, with its positioning method,cheap wedding dress refined trademark name, product image, product manufacturers, such as discharge location, makes clear.

Since the main development of the relatively small surface area, while itself is a product image, decorating the screen to quickly introduce products to consumers, the use of text and close-up image of the direct expression of the way out. In the first of its kind to enter themutual funds investment  consumer goods major developable surface often appears eye-catching brand names and trademarks; the emergence of a touching scene, which according to the actual circumstances of the case goods. Sometimes the method can be used to open a window, the image of a direct display of goods, to increase its advocacy role. In packaging design.

Fair play to convey the main surface of the dominant role of commodity information. Second, packaging, packaging, however the overall design of the main exhibition surface and should be isolated, in the packaging of the whole, it is still a local, an important part. Packaging is the three-dimensional objects, people see the packaging is a multi-angle, considering the main exhibition at the surface, we must consider the relationship between the other side.

Taking into account the overall image of the packaging. Through text, graphics and color consistency between, repeat,Mobile Lottery echo, and segmentation techniques, the formation of the overall composition. 1, a carton packaging, its front and back of a major exhibition surface. However, if the width of the side face with the main exhibition, also sometimes used the same design. Exactly the same as the "main show face," no matter what angle have been unified feel.

2, the main front and back, side to show product composition, function, weight, and instructions for use, shelf life, the lot number of the competent authorities descriptive text. Constitute a countryman from the elements and forms, we should have connections and the differences, resulting in rhythmic changes, and reflect the scientific and quality assurance. 3, to image, text, graphics and color cross-plane order, the number of surface contact as a subject, a large "main exhibition surface", and each side of the picture is complete.Have the benefits of the Virtual Office This design is on display in the store, the use of different combinations of surface and form