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QuanGongLve skills

Summer safety QuanGongLve skills

And during summer vacation, every summer is the season of most hurt by teenagers, how to prevent damage from the accident?

Drowning, traffic accidents, fall hurt his student summer three accident harm

Summer arrived, students have the medium. But in the summer, when the paddle drowned, fall injuries, hot burns and other kinds of students frequent accident harm, students really "injury not". yunzhi reishiFor children have a safety holiday, invite provincial people's hospital emergency center TuJianFeng physicians, the explanation is common accident harm and disposal method.

To risk analysis

The hangzhou of drowning students often happens in the event, the children summer covet convenient, direct to the river, pond, reservoir play a bath. In this case, the drowning events easily happened. And the children of the ability of-aid and save all is very poor, and there is no adult care, tragedy often happen.

According to the statistical data of hangzhou city emergency center, every June to September period is drowning concentration, occurs in every 12 to 16. The drowning in 10 years of age to 16 years of age is in the majority, most for elementary, middle, boys are in the majority.

How to prevent

"Young people should be going out alone don't swim, don't even touch to the regime and don't know or more dangerous and vulnerable to drowning death accident place to go swimming. First choose safe places such as bathing, swimming pool and so on, like some ponds, reservoir, the water without reefs under the circumstance such as water depth, undercurrent, it is difficult to understand, is easy to appear the drowning accident; second swimming, must want to have organization and in the teacher or familiar with the water go swimming, so as to lead to take care of each other; if the collective organization out swimming, Chinese Herbal Productwater before and after, and count designated the lifeguard do security protection." TuJianFeng doctor remind.
"Swimming before you do before launching of preparation, to do warm-up exercises, first activities, such as water temperature too low body activities shall be first in shallow water water body, to adapt to the temperature of the water column again after swimming in the water." TuJianFeng physicians special remind, swimming, teenagers need to know what your body health, at ordinary times is easy to cramp limbs will not fit to join swimming or not to swim in the deep water.

How to emergency

He said, teenagers if suddenly feel sick, such as dizziness, nausea, flustered, shortness of breath, etc, to immediately ashore rest or cry for help; If the leg or foot cramps, don't panic, can kick or do the bouncing movement, or hard massage, pull cramps site, also call companion relief. "If produce drowning, open the airway after first, check for a pulse breathing, such as not breathing, heartbeat cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as soon as possible." TuJianFeng say doctors.