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QWERTY keyboard

10 give up of physical QWERTY keyboard

According to according to foreign media reports, RIM BlackBerry producers on Tuesday to each to attend "BlackBerry world conference" PC remote controldeveloper presented a BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev test model machine. This phone looks like a smaller version blackberry PlayBook tablet computer, equipped with 4.2 inch touch screen, up to 1280 x768 resolution, and the biggest support 720 p hd broadcast.

In addition, according to other data shows, Alpha Dev test model machine also provides a 16 GB internal storage space and 1 GB of memory. RIM BlackBerry 10 in this generation smartphone of giving up the traditional physical QWERTY keyboard, to switch to support intelligent error correction function of virtual keyboard. RIM said it is not simply says its new input technology as the virtual keyboard, because the new technology will be the core of the company's future development key, can provide better than the competition ability of the error correction.

The demonstration in RIM, virtual input technology in addition to correct the mistakes of the input to the letter, and also provides input word prediction function. In order to the user can easily input system predict words, bluetooth keyboardusers need to pick up a finger gently, words and input automatically.