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season not prosperous

The weak semi-conductor Q3 stock of the terminal market demands adjusts peak season not prosperous
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The international semi-conductor equipments material industry association(SEMI) lately announces July, the semi-conductor equipments industry order takes delivery of goods a ratio(B|B value) to be subjected to terminal market demands the palliation is weak, the equipments manufacturer connects a single amount of money month to reduce a 15.7% and year to reduce 29.3%, and create in the last half year lately low level.Local professional wafer labor factory TSMC(2330-TW)(TSM-US), unite an electricity(2303-TW)(UMC-US) to also slow down to terminal market growth need, customer's order become careful, put forward to adjust in the stock the 3rd quarters under, appear to act out of character, peak season not prosperous circumstance, and estimate then the revenue will appear a quarter to reduce over 6% circumstances..dvb t tuners

SEMI means that the semi-conductor equipments manufacturer of North America connects single amount of money to greatly reduce July and create this year lowest, main reason for be subjected to terminal(PC) market demands weak and professional wafer of palliation labor factory productivity the utilization lower and memory chip manufacturer investment the attitude become careful influence and connect list shipment than more in a row the 10th month is lower than 1, and the month reduces 15.7%.dvb t mpeg4

Will can not also guard 5% for being gone up by international financial risk to grow up speed with global economy to slow down, local economic year of growing up an estimate on the other hand, the TSMC, allied electricity shows, consider the terminal market appears a tired and weak signal, will not see a peak season need, and will carry on stock adjustment the 3rd quarters this year.TSMC's estimating a revenue then will appear a quarter to reduce 6-8%, allied the electricity estimate a quarter to reduce 11-13%, the TSMC also has already descended to fix capital to expend 5% this year, whole past services originally expenditure is USD 7,400,000,000.dvb-t receivers

Another aim at this industry stock of correction, TSMC, allied the electricity all think, in view of stock, the pure stock turns, really should be able to be solving inside the degree for a quarter.President Morris Chang of the TSMC also expects that the short-term correction of industry contributes to the long-term development of the industry in future, he thinks and responds to customer stock adjustment the 3rd quarters, the company's productivity utilization is lower than 100% levels, is an industry circulation of normal, short-term phenomenon, this year the 4th quarter productivity utilization and gross profit rate the gradual rally normal level.What is high pressure LED